Stalactite, Ai Ye

Stalactites, line milk, strong Yang Road, make up the lungs; cold and wet, Chen Ai use, leaf moxibustion, cure all diseases.

Stalactite is a carbonate mineral calcite family calcite containing mainly calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Stalactite is sweet, warm, and belongs to the lung, kidney and stomach. It has the functions of warming the lungs, helping the yang, relieving asthma, making acid and passing milk. This product is warm, can treat less blood due to less blood, the pulse can not be caused by postpartum milk, and more with the leaking Lu, Tongcao, Wang does not stay. This product is good for warming kidney, spleen and stomach, tonic deficiency, can cure five labor and seven injuries, cold hands and feet caused by yang deficiency, heart and gas, back pain and ankle, etc., often with Cistanche, Yangqi, Dodder, etc. Compatibility. This product can also warm the lungs and gas, treat lung cold and qi, reverse cough, clear cough, often with drugs such as sputum, ginger and other drugs. Clinical report: The use of stalactites as a monarch, as appropriate, can treat peptic ulcers.

Ai Ye is the leaf of Asteraceae, which is produced in most parts of the country. The quality of Ai Ye produced in Ganzhou, Hubei Province is the best, so it is called “蕲艾”. Ai Ye tastes bitter, Xin, warm, has a small poison, return to the liver, spleen, kidney, has the effect of warming the bleeding, dispelling cold and regulating the war, and the fetus. This product can warm meridians, cold and damp, cold pain, can be used to treat cold pain in the abdomen, cold uterus for a long time without pregnancy, cold dysmenorrhea, etc., often with angelica, dried ginger, cinnamon, cumin and other drugs. This product is velvet, made into moxa, Ai, etc., used to smoke acupuncture points on the body surface, can warm the blood, penetrate the meridians, is the main raw material for warm moxibustion, can treat a variety of diseases. In addition, this product is an essential medicine for menstruation and hemostasis, and can treat syndromes of debilitating bleeding. This product is an essential medicine for gynecological and fetus, which can effectively treat fetal dysphoria and is often used in the same way as Ejiao, Mulberry and Eucommia. Clinical report: use only Ai Ye Jian Shui, fumigation and washing the skin, can treat pruritus in the second trimester of pregnancy; after the fresh worm leaf decoction, add heat and appropriate amount of rock sugar to dissolve, frequently feeding, can treat infant autumn diarrhea.

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