"The water is shining, and the scorpion is back" The silk silk costume feast is magnificently presented

It is recorded in the Book of Songs: "Why is there no clothes? Seven Xi. It is not as good as the clothes of a child, and it is safe and good."

On June 26th, Lixuan Huafu and DXN Tangyu Commerce made a stunning appearance at Xianlinbu Cultural Street in Yuhang District, Hangzhou to meet you again.

Along with the applause of the audience, the Li Xuan Huafu exhibition with the theme of "The Return of the Shark" came to a successful conclusion. Traditional Chinese clothing culture complements modern and contemporary fashion trends, and the perfect fusion of Kesi Chinese clothing and high-end jewelry series presents a gorgeous visual feast on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

In addition to retaining traditional crafts and techniques, the "Lixuan Huafu" design has also been comprehensively improved in terms of design, color matching, and pattern selection. It uses tapestry, cloud brocade and other fabrics, and combines techniques such as Su embroidery and pan gold embroidery to make it more adaptable to modern times. Aesthetic needs integrate the past and the present, and integrate the inheritance of traditional Chinese handicrafts with current trends and innovations, and hope that people will return to tradition, love environmental protection, and respect nature.

In 2021, we will celebrate the centenary of the founding of the party and promote traditional Chinese culture. I was invited by the French Visual Art Exchange Association to participate in Paris Fashion Week. Under the careful planning and preparation of Henghao Wuyang Film and Television Culture Media, the novel Oriental Chinese clothing fashion culture is on the international stage. To shine, to understand the inside and outside.

2021 is exactly the centenary of the founding of the party. On this occasion, Li Xuan Huafu will bring forth the new, follow the traditional Chinese clothing design, incorporate classical aesthetics, take the international trend as an opportunity, and combine the film and television drama "The Origin of Pearls in Peace and Joy" to create again Created a batch of high-end Chinese clothing works.

It is recorded in the Book of Songs: "Why is there no clothes? Seven Xi. It is not as good as the clothes of a child, and it is safe and good." Accompanied by the long and tactful ancient tunes, in the elegant water mist, the costumes of the shark elements are bright and bright under the falling rain, allowing the guests to be immersed in the splendid chapter of the beauty of Chinese history, civilization and art. Through the fusion of art and aesthetics, combined with the dazzling color of high-end custom jewelry, traditional Chinese clothing combines traditional Chinese culture with international new fashion styles, perfectly interpreting and interpreting the cultural consciousness and national self-confidence of the Chinese nation up to five thousand years ago. At the same time, we will continue to move forward and look forward to bringing you more surprises and touches in the next "Li Xuan Huafu" Dunhuang performance!

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