Fu Chennai spring new beautiful lady is a kind of elegant life!

"I am confident, I am elegant", elegant is a kind of life attitude!

This is the VANNEAL brand attitude. In such a thirst, urban women show their unique elegance, based on fashion and free from the epidemic.

As a design starting point for designers to take inspiration, the simple, lively features into VANNEAL overall design, attractive colors to attract people's attention; in the tailoring, with exquisite hand-crafted and exquisite details of the heart and into some elegant fashion Elements, looking for the feeling of fit with the soul, with a comfortable state from the nature of life presented, glow from the bottom of my heart happy, dissemination of intellectual modern.


薰奈儿春季新品 美丽淑女优雅就是一种生活!

薰奈儿春季新品 美丽淑女优雅就是一种生活!

薰奈儿春季新品 美丽淑女优雅就是一种生活!

薰奈儿春季新品 美丽淑女优雅就是一种生活!

Knitting Woolen Goods

At the same time in the last century, a company, specialized in faux fur research and development, was founded on the coast of the beautiful Tai Lake --- Wuxi Shuangda Plush Co., Ltd.

Faux fur products are not only warm, easy care and diverse, but also greatly contribute to protecting animals and ecology for human beings.

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