Kaili Gesi women's wear Cixi Spring Department Store opened, while strong settled in Jiangsu Taizhou Maoyebaihuo

Warmly congratulate CaryCasy Keli Gesi women's clothing brand Cixi Spring Department Store opened, but also congratulate Kelige Si strong at the same time settled in Taizhou, Jiangsu!



Everyone who has an independent sense of independence and upholds the spirit of freedom will think so: fashion is a taste of the concise! At this moment, we also think so, Kelly Guessing ten years as one insists on doing their own, continue to accumulate precipitation, with its own unique style and charm to express the feelings of fashion, where Kelige Si footsteps tell!

At this moment, please witness the moving smile of Kelly Ges at the Spring Department Store in Paris; such a scene will surely make you moved!


At this moment, please witness Taizhou Maoyebaihuai Kelige Si Busy figure! That kind of scene will make you feel trapped!

If at this moment, you are here, then all the accumulation and precipitation of Kelige Si will be transformed into a knowing smile with you! Because of you, it's all worth it!

Today, the approaching ear of joy you can hear you, Kelly Gessey is proud of the pace of fashion came to your side, meet with you to meet the arrival of the spring of 2015, because of you, the future will be Will be lush, blooming!

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