How much is a red agate?

South Red Agate is a relatively controversial jade species in domestic jade. As early as 20 years ago, the price of South Red Agate was very cheap. Until the last five or six years, South Red Agate was treated as “fairly treated”, and its price was accompanied

Stalactite, Ai Ye

Stalactites, line milk, strong Yang Road, make up the lungs; cold and wet, Chen Ai use, leaf moxibustion, cure all diseases. Stalactite is a carbonate mineral calcite family calcite containing mainly calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Stalactite is sweet, warm, and belongs to the

Kaili Gesi women's wear Cixi Spring Department Stor…

Warmly congratulate CaryCasy Keli Gesi women's clothing brand Cixi Spring Department Store opened, but also congratulate Kelige Si strong at the same time settled in Taizhou, Jiangsu! Everyone who has an independent sense of independence and upholds the spirit of freedom will think so: fa

How to identify Hetian blue and white jade bracelet

The quality of jade mainly depends on the color and hardness. How to identify Hetian blue and white jade bracelet? First, the color: the color is beautiful is the first element, the most desirable color is fresh green (green), although the top color is dark green, but the

2015 spring and summer fashion trends: cleanliness line…

From Dior to Lanvin, from Hermes to Balenciaga, it seems that each Parisian high-end brand has introduced cool and warm white fashion; Giorgio Armani On behalf of Milan Fashion Week, an elegant and concise collection of white suits was displayed. The streamlined lines have also become a popular ele

"The water is shining, and the scorpion is back&qu…

It is recorded in the Book of Songs: "Why is there no clothes? Seven Xi. It is not as good as the clothes of a child, and it is safe and good." On June 26th, Lixuan Huafu and DXN Tangyu Commerce made a stunning appearance at Xianlinbu Cultural Street in Yuhang District, Hangzhou to meet y

Fu Chennai spring new beautiful lady is a kind of elega…

"I am confident, I am elegant", elegant is a kind of life attitude! This is the VANNEAL brand attitude. In such a thirst, urban women show their unique elegance, based on fashion and free from the epidemic. As a design starting point for designers to take inspiration, the simple, livel

Process gold price

Gold craftwork is a kind of precious metal arts and crafts, referring to gold, silver and other precious metals as the carrier, through the creative design and modern technology will be a combination of precious metals and Chinese culture from the cultural and creative products, their prod

2015 new wave set to add to the campaign youthful vital…

2015 spring and summer Keywords: Wave element, quickly spread from the fashion magazine to the store. Beauty Apodemus fashion women introduced to you two new wave point do not have some playful breath. Wave elements, so that the spring and summer 2015 more vibrant, youth fashion. Wave set, how to