Double eleven women champion Winner's honor battle

In the just-concluded November 11, 2011 Singles Day, Yin Man turnover exceeded 17 million, ranked first in Taobao Mall women's category. In the face of this joy, Yan Man CEO Fang Jianhua unnaturally recall the 2010 Singles Day. Like many other businesses, when Yin Man's goods were quickly

Season sweater: low-carbon no final version

The term ecology is no longer a fresh word in the field of clothing. In the past, ecological clothing has always been a long way from research and development to the market. As consumers become more and more sensitive to ecology and green clothing, the cycle of clothing with eco-labels is

Bright storm: orange style trend

Ben Wang December 2 hearing, the glorious matte, fluorescent beauty, let orange give you strength. No matter where you go, just follow the orange trend, ready to meet the high rate of return. Orange is a bright color and is very eye-catching on major showgrounds. Exaggerated bright orange gives pe

Jie different brands of women do the real thing

Jie different different women's clothing to fresh, natural, fashion, casual wear known to different Jefferies, and now has seized the mainland market, and quickly set off a sales storm in a short time, amazing sales performance. Jie different ladies a short period of time so achieved specta

"Gundamon" unique fashion classic Korean wome…

Fujian Liyao Group is a wholly-owned Hong Kong-founded export-oriented enterprises, the company was founded in 1990, Fujian Liyao Group after 20 years of tempering, has developed into a production of domestic trade, import and export trade in an integrated company. Lee Yao Gendamon Clothing Co.

"You Xianmei" home service fashion internatio…

" Youxianmei Land " in the industry took the lead into the "home service fashion" concept.For the industry into the fashion elements, a leader in industrial innovation in Italy with a dedicated design and development center, the famous designer from Italy Leading by Amenia, int

"Croucher" children's wear hand in hand, …

October 1, 2011 Crane mouth snake children together Bao Bao in Changchun City, Jilin Province, Chaoyang Road, the first store opened in Jilin, Crane and Jilin children will grow together ... Jilin Province, located in the northeast of China in the middle. North of Heilongjiang Province, south of Li

Kim Suns sponsor Sun Nan concert Beijing station Ai Yi …

(November 12, 2011, Beijing) Sun Nan, known as a brother of the mainland, can not wait to sing the passion of the world tour Beijing's first stop. More than 10,000 fans from all over the country gathered in the Beijing National Stadium to jointly sing the 1500th performance to this Asian power.

E-commerce fueling flames, love yarn brand significant …

With the rise of B2C website, to the underwear business has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to sell branded goods underwear-based electronic mall have to test the water to share e-commerce this "big cake." It is understood that since August 2011 Love yarn -GetFit Taob