Meng Baoxing - the star of the era of decorative art

From 1928 to 1931, the company made three major themed exhibitions: the Emerald Show, the Ruby Show and the Diamond Show. These exhibitions have provoked the curiosity of jewelers and prompted them to have a high interest in the use of individual gems, which laid the found

Demystifying the five elements of high heels for spring…

On December 26th this site , the elements above the high-heeled shoes are changing as fast as a woman's mood changes. So the high heels you buy today may be outdated tomorrow, so it's better to look ahead to the hot spring 2013 style. The five elements demonstrated by the five actresses sh

Gucci Gucci 2013 Early Autumn Women's Catalog Gucci…

Gucci Gucci Women's 2013 Early Autumn Collection. With feminine femininity and impenetrable sensuality, Frida Giannini set aside his favorite 70's and returned to the 50's. Brushed shoulder neckline, high-waisted pencil skirt, a charming retro mood, strong blue-green color, hidden wild

Chun household service to create a new furniture life

Chun degree , to create "a new home life" (NEWHOMELIFE), indicate their position with the quality and creativity, adhering to the slow lifestyle currently popular in Europe but has just started in China, combined with a new resolve network era house culture, source Since the perception o

Hugo Boss Black Women's 2013 Spring Summer Advertis…

Hugo Boss's Hugo Boss Black 2013 spring and summer advertisements have been freshly presented. Supermodel Liu Wen, Edita Vilkeviciute and Toni Garrn have performed a Hampton trip, beautiful tropical print dress, elegant style suit, exquisite and gorgeous. Accessories, and all are photographers

CHLOSIO autumn and winter animal pattern upper body to …

CHLOSIO adhering to the French romanticism, the arts, culture and other diverse elements into the fashion design, and strive to high-level women's clothing, such as the perfect works of art. The whole design contains noble, elegant temperament, emphasizing elegant, simple, beautiful style, cre

Jiangnan discount boutique, fashion popular join

Jiangnan others discount women's wear specializing in the discount women's wear franchisee, Jiangnan people's women's wear as the first discount brand, from peculiar, beloved to pure, vivid, from the complex, Xian Lian think of young fashion fitted gentle noble-based women Feel tha

June Rose fashion underwear care yourself, a new look

Health is intrinsic, fashion is the United States and foreign; healthy fashion, can be considered a real fashion, and fashion health, but also make women add attractive charm. June rose always adhering to the "health, fashion, comfort, conservation," a new era of underwear life experienc

Hangzhou Damei apparel company is about to introduce a …

The good news: Hangzhou Damei apparel company is about to launch a new brand friends, and a huge preferential policies - Four seasons 100% replacement, dealers reassure to join. Hangzhou Banmei another flag apparel company Women brand WEST MAIDEN / West Yuan since the beginning of the 21st century