Down jacket Which style look down jacket with

Down jacket choice, whether it is long section or short section, there will be like or like people, each style is not perfect for everyone to fall in love with the choice of down jacket as long as you choose like, no matter Is a long paragraph or short paragraph, with a good look is the best style

What color to wear this season was thin red clothing wi…

Most women are most interested in the topic of thinness, but many people often think that black is the most skinny time. While ignoring another color, that is red, in fact, not only black can be thin, red, oh, red not only thin and more fashion Oh. Red clothing with the red with the most is bla

Liangzhu Culture Jade

Jade articles are alive, especially the ancient jade that has entered the soil. Due to the burial environment and its own composition and structure, it is often surrounded by a variety of appearance traits, and the song of life that is a prosperous and decaying jade is con

How to visually identify the "three killers" …

Under the A-class jade lamp, the texture is fine, the color is soft, the stone pattern is obvious; the slight impact, the sound is crisp and sweet; the handcuff has a heavy feeling, which is obviously different from other stone. Killer one (B goods): B class goods look go

Qiao Renliang speaks to help sing the finals of the 22n…

The 22nd China Jeanswest Casual Design Competition was held in the Central Hall of the 751D·PARK Beijing Fashion Design Plaza. The theme of this year's Nevis Cup leisure wear design contest is "Le Chao" - in music, designers are eager to try the tide, endless imagination and endles

Costume National 2014 spring and summer women wear suit…

Costume National 2014 spring and summer women's show is the brand debut at the Milan Fashion Week, enough to describe with stunning. Designers based on the soul of a single product vest frequent pattern innovation, amazing! Cool girl in a suit vest - Costume National 2014 spring and su

Harvey Faircloth 2014 spring and summer series 2014 spr…

Harvey Faircloth 2014 Spring Summer Collection. Harvey Faircloth 2014 spring-summer collection uses flowers, stripes, and fans to create a bright spring-summer collection. Harvey Faircloth 2014 Spring/Summer Collection 2014 Spring Summer Women's Images 2014 Spring/Summer Women's Wear Tren

2013 winter cold essential cold winter clothes with

Gloves, scarves, down jackets, coats, these are essential to deal with the cold winter single product, you want to warm and stylish, no matter how some effort? Today, QDA small series to share with you winter cold with. You walk away cold, please come in warm! 【Wide black large la

Children's bedding purchase tips

For the baby to buy bedding, parents often need to consider a lot, but the practicality and safety are the most important. Sheets: Parents can prepare 3 to 6 cotton sheets, and they are easy to clean, quick-dry, and not hot. If you don't want the sheets to get messy with your baby's tw