Infuriated with a floral dress to make the autumn more …

For more exciting news, stay tuned for this site. For more exciting news, stay tuned for this site. Very beautiful fairy dress, retro collar design noble and elegant, three-dimensional vertical folds look very unique on the chest very temperament, lace and elastic double waist design, easy

[Technology] Renovation and Maintenance of Roving Machi…

The roving frame is the intermediate process of spinning. The quality of the spinning yarn directly affects the quality of the final product. Some companies found that some functions of the roving frame were not always satisfactory during the use of the roving frame. We share with the

Missoul women's 2015 autumn new match recommendatio…

Missoul Mi Su women's 2015 autumn new with a recommendation: teacher's day to do a spicy teacher. The teachers in our minds are always following us through good and evil, selflessly consecrating their youth, and teaching rebellious ones. They may be wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses an

How do you see if the lapis lazuli bracelet is dyed?

Lapis lazuli - ancient Chinese called Jin Jing, a non-renewable rare ore produced in the landlocked country of central and western Asia. In recent years, it has been recognized by many Asian countries and has been highly sought after by the market! It is also driven by thi

Gurao rabbit to do a sentimental children's clothin…

The birth of a new life is often the focus of a family gathering, the continuation of life is also the best proof of a family emotion, along with the growth of children, unspeakable emotional experience so that every parent is shocked. Parents strive to create the best protective layer to care for

salman Sen door printed dress girl most suitable skirt

What to say to describe the innocent and cute little girl, then it must be clean and pure flowers, soft skin is like rain-covered petals, such a delicate girl must be the most lovable. Small girl smiling, always able to bring a lot of laughter around, then salman Sen door printed dress is the most

JZ 玖 2015 autumn new women recommended pictures

They are both gentle and charming women, and they contribute themselves to the sacred position of teaching and educating people. They demonstrate professional capabilities on the workplace. In today's special day, JZ Zanzi carefully selected a number of jackets to show off your beauty and elega

An Mily cotton children's wear brand bring you back…

Some clothing itself is a time machine, she may appear even ten years ago or longer, it may even continue in ten years later. Lazy afternoon, the naughty sunshine restlessly leaped on the window sill, squeezing lightly into the green leaves, sneaking peek into the sleeping sweet. The white fabric,

Fast fashion is more insightful to fashion trends?

Hedi Slimane has been managing Saint Laurent since 2012 and has changed the style of the brand, pushing the design to younger ethnic groups. Recently, the French luxury brand Saint Laurent also launched a $3,490 dress covered with a red lipstick pattern. However, Nicolette Mason, a fashio

Let your handsome early fall with a mess in this

Autumn is lukewarm, the temperature is just right, in the mix more than the summer level, is a very suitable bend shape season. The easiest is to add a thin coat based on the summer dress, or use a simple thin sweater with casual pants, stylish travel. If you want to learn to be a fashion-type men,