How to cool the winter weather with fashion and warm it?

In winter, this weather is fluctuating, it comes cold air is so that beauty and fear of the cold MM are "hated." So in the face of the coming of the cooling weather, ladies winter dress should be how to keep warm and stylish? Below with Xiaobian take a look!

普普风 - FGFEEL

In the cold winter woolen coat full of the streets, then how to match the more distinctive, bumpy fashion? This piece of dark blue short double breasted woolen jacket, Japanese version of the wind version of the cut design, it was sweet atmosphere. Striped with a blue striped knit bag hip dress, allowing you to easily wear a good figure, but also cool the weather warm and stylish, so the match is not do not have a flavor?


Fur collar coat, gives the feeling is always very warm. This pink short fur collar jacket, wide-necked personality lapel design, coupled with the thread lock, leisure and highlight the fashion atmosphere. With black and white striped sweater or T-shirt, take the dark jeans, a pair of black boots, it is a very young and vibrant atmosphere.

Picture Source: pop style women's clothing

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