How to identify Hetian blue and white jade bracelet

The quality of jade mainly depends on the color and hardness. How to identify Hetian blue and white jade bracelet?

First, the color: the color is beautiful is the first element, the most desirable color is fresh green (green), although the top color is dark green, but the green is too deep, and people feel too dull, so the top grade The dark green color is not as high as the price of bright green.

Second, through: the high level of transparency, has a great impact on the value of jade. The transparent jade gives people a cool feeling, but the opaque jade, the color is more green, but it gives people a feeling of dullness and lack of vivid beauty. Usually, the transparent jade is called "glass type" on the market, the translucent jade is called "ice type" or "guanyin type", and the opaque jade is called "Furong type" or "Taro type".

Third, uniform: the uniformity of color is proportional to the value. The whole piece is green jade and only part of the green jade, the price is a few different numbers; the distribution of colors also has a great relationship, a little green in the conspicuous place is more pleasing than the green on the edge.

4. Shape: The price of jade is not valued by weight like other gemstones. Jade is mainly valued by its size and thickness. The bigger and thicker the more valuable, the smaller and thinner jade will be cheaper. In addition, its shape is also very important, because the Chinese people buy jade and they all have the mentality of avoiding the evil spirits. If the appearance of jade has the shape of a good color like an emblem, like a fish (more than a year), a peach (longevity), a coin (Lucky Treasures)........etc., will attract more traders than ordinary flowers and plants.

5. Knock: This is a special method for selecting jade bracelets. If the jade is good, the sound is crisp. If the jade itself is flawed, if there is crack, hollow or partial deterioration inside, the sound will be different when it is knocked. The feeling is like knocking in the smash, the sound becomes " The voice of Titicaca.

Sixth, photo: Take the jade and look at the light, you can see the jade's color and enamel, and sometimes the surface looks perfect without jade. In addition, through the action of the photos, the color distribution can also be seen, and whether the natural color can be distinguished by the light irradiation, and the synthetic jade (fake jade) cannot escape the "photo" level, but this photo "Kung Fu, still have to have experienced talents to heat up, the average person may not see why."

Seven, the price: This is a very simple identification method, as the saying goes, "a penny is a piece of goods", especially in the jewelry line, there is absolutely no cheap to buy good goods, usually cheap goods are mostly fakes Therefore, when we buy and sell, we can infer from the price, good jade can not sell low prices, so when you see a beautiful jade, ask the price, it is very cheap, the first reaction is to think it is a problem Don't be greedy, so as not to be fooled, it can't be lost.

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