Process gold price

Process gold price

Gold craftwork is a kind of precious metal arts and crafts, referring to gold, silver and other precious metals as the carrier, through the creative design and modern technology will be a combination of precious metals and Chinese culture from the cultural and creative products, their products have distinctive cultural properties, showing higher The design value, process value and commemorative value, then, how about the price of craft gold?

How about the price of craft gold? Said to be crafts, then the price must be calculated according to the process, the price of the process is quite high.

Process gold is pure gold + copper + silver / zinc. Because of its moderate synthesis ratio, it has the characteristics of strong ductility, high hardness, and varied colors. At the same time, it integrates 25% of other metals, has a high hardness and is not easily deformed or scratched. It can be used in precise and delicate designs of gold ornaments. Play sophisticated and beautiful design ideas.

For example, what are the main ingredients of 18k gold? 18K gold is 75% pure gold, and the other 25% is another precious metal. Therefore, 18K gold can be changed in color by adjusting the 25% metal composition and proportion. The more common 18K gold color is white, light yellow, pink (rose gold).

The craft gold can be said to be characterized by 18K gold, because the selling point of 18K gold is the craft style is good, so 18K gold is crowned with craft gold's title.

Gold handicraft industry as an important part of the precious metal handicraft industry, its market network covers the whole country, has gradually formed a large-scale industry.

At present, the sales volume of domestic gold products ranks in the forefront of the world. The annual growth rate exceeds 20%. The proportion of gold handicrafts in gold products rises rapidly year by year, and the annual growth rate of gold handicrafts exceeds 50%, which has become a booster for the development of the gold industry. It has played an important role in upgrading the design and R&D level of the industry, promoting the upgrading of the gold products industry, enhancing consumers' cultural quality, spreading Chinese culture, and inheriting Chinese civilization.

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