Celebrate è®´ Goethe Women welcome new store opened in Changde, Hunan

The weather was getting colder, as if the action had become dull, but it did not affect Goethe 's "walking speed" nor did it affect the enthusiasm of the dealership shop. All this stems from the Goethe brand by its own efforts, has been recognized by the market results.


Today, the grand Goethe brand store in Changde, Hunan ushered in a grand opening ceremony. Warmly celebrate the opening of new store business is booming, rich sources of income, steadily high performance! Biased in the European-style decoration, 尽显 elegant and sophisticated. Window design, simplicity is not simple, people could not help but want to go into the store to find out exactly.



In the clothing display is also very skillful, the same color or in line with visual aesthetic clothing together, looks very comfortable and beautiful. Will be positioned as a fashion style Korean women , in line with the trend of popular Korean, I believe will be favored by the fashion beauty of women. Say Hunan rich in beauty, hoping from now on not only have a spicy hot pot to accompany you, more stylish beauty to set off your beauty.

Welcome to the local beauty and beauty of women free time can move è®´ Goethe brand shop to see, I believe you will have some gains, this winter let Goethe do your "cotton jacket" it.

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