What type of woolen cloth coat good round neck woolen coat need to wear a scarf it?

Others are good, many people are online to see other people's company, others boyfriend, other people's boss, these are others, we often envy others, but you do not know sometimes we are the eyes of others That others, so do not envy others, maybe others are envious of you, Rui Maili women make you become someone else's home wear.


Winter is how others wear it? An orange woolen jacket round neck design can be used with a scarf, but most of the time or not with a scarf better, after all, the scarf can not show a sexy neck, loose version of the design, lower body with a skirt, black primer Socks with very thin.

呢子外套什么版型好看 圆领呢子外套需要配围巾吗?

Winter coat with a round neck out to the streets may need you to be accompanied by a scarf in order to be able to keep warm, round neck exposed neck always feel a little cold, then with the Rui Mail women this match with a white shirt, shirt collar so will not feel the neck Empty, lower body with a navy blue skirt, Rui Mailir women's envy of others wear, quickly learn it.

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