XFY drainage 2015 down feather trendy feather stylish

Recently, China's fashion capital - Wenzhou, a sudden down fashion storm, caused a sensation in the fashion industry, and this storm is the leading leader in Wenzhou women's brand, the domestic women's dark horse - XFY women's brand.
Mention the first down jacket people must be fat, fat, swollen, rarely associated with the fashion, but for the stylish 80,90 cold winter later to buy a desirable down jacket really become a problem, the reason Is that at present the majority of the existing domestic down jacket brand wear are fat, bloated, fashion is far below the degree of warmth, little brand of down jacket is young and stylish, in sharp contrast to the online shopping platform stylish look good There are countless down jackets, but the particularity of the down feets keeps consumers from walking because the majority of consumers think that the quality of their down jackets is not guaranteed. Black heart cashmere, cotton filling cashmere, down cashmere, and fabrics are not the three defenses that make consumers prohibitive.

The XFY women are aimed at the domestic fashion blanket blanket, the company's products for a precise positioning - down jacket fashion experts, and achieve each winter down jacket series and the United States and South Korea to achieve synchronized trend, the product fully meets the aesthetic needs of 80,90 . The completion of this plan is the first step in the domestic women's industry set a precedent for the futures system into the spot system. According to the introduction of XFY brand design director Ms. Jin, at present, the domestic women's clothing industry basically adopts the futures system, that is, the order system. The product is released in the early summer of each year in the autumn and winter products, while the early winter of the year releases the second year's spring and summer products. Very unscientific, is the womens clothing industry pathology, because with the development of the times, the popularity of the network and the high-speed transmission of information, the concept of consumers are constantly changing, the past is the brand guide customers to buy, and now customers hold the phone picture To ask the brand has no demand for her models, the customer is not just a change in spending habits, but consumer behavior is changing.

Brand from active to passive, so we have to make reforms, who will be eliminated by the post-consumer era, which is why in recent years the domestic textile industry downturn, while Europe and the United States, South Korea, these foreign brands instead of domestic sales Reasons for record highs. According to Ms. Jin, XFY down jacket this year, only in September began to design than the same industry half a year late, but the design of the product to achieve synchronization with the trend of Europe and the United States and South Korea, because of this, recently held XFY "Beauty" 2015 Winter feather new conference caused by the favorable thermal agents and the industry's sensation.

Xiaobian learned from the top of the brand, XFY brand has completely canceled the order system, the spot system to achieve each quarter of the product are closely follow the trend of Europe, the United States and South Korea at the same time, with product advantages, increase marketing and advertising efforts to become a domestic fashion Down jacket leading brand. Xiaobian at the same time from the front to love the fashionable 80,90 MM bring good news, XFY brand down jacket has been one after another in the major XFY shopping malls counters and stores on the goods, the weather getting cold, MM who can be the first time Buy your favorite down jacket.

However, MM like online shopping may be a small regret, according to Xiao Bian from XFY marketing department to get the news, XFY brand down jacket only a small part of the money will be on the line in XFY Lynx official flagship store, because First, fearing peer copy The second is the core business of the XFY brand is still dominated by offline store counters, but according to the brand executives disclosed that in 2016 XFY online e-commerce business will expand the category to meet some of the offline channels do not cover the needs of the region consumers .

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