Double eleven coat to pay attention to what should be the correct choice and coats

To say what the best autumn and winter clothes shot did not show significant bloated, of course, non-concise and generous coat no other than, the coat of popular wind can have been diffused throughout the winter, seeing double eleven coming soon, in addition to buy buy How should we buy a coat and a coat properly? Coat should be how to choose?


1, shape

Although designers rack their brains, change the length, change hardware, change sleeves, change the collar, change the fabric ... but how are these two, self-cultivation and profile. A normal straight body type, a waist enough. Slim coat will make you look significant at the same time, there are more waist buttocks, but also fat partial crush can be a bold attempt. But the outline of the coat is not suitable for fat overweight fat body, and if you are not ashamed of their own body, then you can put on the same generous silhouette coat to be sturdy, no one stopped you.

双十一买大衣要注意什么 大衣应该如何正确选择和搭配

2, material

After the 25-year-old sister paper must choose some materials and hard-working clothing to support the facade, holding the attitude of being responsible for life, Xiaobian suggested that: wool composition of not less than 90% of the coat, good quality soft coat And more stylish, people will wear more atmosphere and spirit.

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