You are not flat chest, but you are not wearing underwear

Breast is the most beautiful part of every woman, underwear is the first layer of breast protection, suitable underwear breast care can warm, on the contrary wrong underwear will hurt breast health. Before choosing underwear must understand what type of breast, according to their own chest to choose the right underwear in order to give the most beautiful part of a woman with the most perfect care.


1. Flat, spread, spill type

Chest flat, spread caused by the proliferation of many reasons, in addition to natural spills, but I do not know how to choose what size can support, mistakenly believe that underwear wear is to have a tight feeling, because the dress is too small , Can not contain your chest, your beautiful chest to get flat; we must not be afraid of the trouble when choosing a bra, to understand what kind of bra fit for their own purpose to pick, set off a tall and straight curve. But keep in mind that winter can not be considered pierced, so you will be completely discarded.

2. Droop type

Do not wear bra when doing intense exercise, easy to make the chest curve aliasing. Bra will feel a drag when exercising. Bra is due to the scalability of the fabric can not withstand the body vibration caused by intense vibration. Designed for sports bras, the general use of absorbent high-tech material, so it is suitable for women who like sports wear.


Chest petite real congenital type, but can be used to make up the bra adjustment, usually their own attention to wear the right, do not think your chest is too small, you can not wear bra or wear a tight bra, you know, do not wear bra The consequences will be flattened, the bras too small will be more repressed, a slightly bigger bra should be worn, the blood in the chest first circulated to strengthen its activities and allow it to develop in the right place and space Improve, remember, and then change the bra bigger). More can create your charm.


Plump lady, can wear shiny jewelry, make-up gorgeous paint, but also wear luxurious clothing. Busty lady is best to wear black white (white, toothpaste, bleach, gray, etc.) underwear. Thin elastic fabric is a common use of such underwear, not only makes people comfortable, but not significant cumbersome, so full of modern style with full of shape.

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