Classic story elegant classic women's pure charm

"JANE STORY / classic story " brand concept derived from the world classics "Jane • Love." "Jane Eyre" is a spiritual biography of an independent, proactive, and loyal woman's life. It sets out the true meaning of all women: the beauty of appearance is a short, limited capital, and its self-cultivation and the innocence and kindness of the soul are the infinite wealth.


In the 21st century, "JANE STORY" is dedicated to serving modern urban women who are elegant, energetic, well-to-do, confident and intelligent. To classic, elegant fashion design style, full of mature women's own charm, and guide them in the independent, self-reliance, struggle and aggressive at the same time the pursuit of elegant and stylish lifestyle.
Ages: JANE STORY Women's Wear Serving urban women aged 25-48 who are smart, confident, elegant and have a solid income.

经典故事女装 经典雅致散发纯真魅力

Product Composition: Fashion Business (Basic); Leisure; Concept High-end (Collection)
Price: Spring and summer 400-3000 yuan; autumn and winter with 700-7000 yuan

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