HOKABR Red Kabel Women's 2019 Autumn New Bloom Natural Fusion Beauty

Xavier Corberó, a famous Spanish sculptor from Catalonia, Spain, spent half his life but never announced a completed architectural project – a private residence in the Esplugues de Llobregat on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​maximizing greenery, rockeries, currents, entangled vines With the carefully crafted potted plants... the combination of nature and architecture breaks the “artisticity” of the artificial sculpture of the building, allowing it to glow in the natural embellishment with a “beautiful natural beauty”.

HOKABR red Kaibeier women's 2019 autumn new products, with beautiful lace, gorgeous floral, delicate embroidery, the "flower" and "profile" combination.

As natural and architectural complement each other, the embellished lace, floral and embroidered textures are indispensable makeup points on the clothing version.

We will be amazed at the beauty of the details on the dress, whether it is the overall presentation, or the nuances of the nuances, highlighting the ultimate aesthetic of the fusion of natural art.

The aesthetics of modern cities are so diverse. We favor the trend of advancement. We are also fascinated by the retro-ethnic aesthetics. The totem prints with historical imprints can always give clothing a more humanistic atmosphere.

The perspective of chiffon, gorgeous painting strokes, the plants in nature are so diverse, when they are integrated into one, in front of your eyes to unfold the shadows of autumn, you will be so excited, can not help but indulge.

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