Heelys shoes note

[ Benevolence -Shoes and Life] Sliding is dangerous, so wear protective gear when taxiing and avoid gliding on streets, stairs, slopes, bumps, and slippery surfaces.

Some gliding safety measures for walking shoes

1. Safety gliding: Wear full-protection equipment, head protector, elbow knee protector, and balance yourself. Put two legs forward and backward (strong one is placed behind and keep it in a straight line. Top and back are the same).

2, the basic slide: after the foot pedal, and then tilt the foot board, with the heel of the pulley as a fulcrum, kicking the back foot after stepping, forming a forward momentum.

3, stop the slide: slow stop - - the forefoot and then raise a little higher, so that the foot after the friction with the ground to stop. E-stop - put the front foot board down and stop it immediately. If the power is too high, then you can take a few steps to discharge.

Slider notes and methods:

1: Method

In the center of the limit-type shoes, there is a slide groove, which can slide on a steel pipe. First separate the legs by 50 to 80 centimeters, and see how long the leg is. The two feet are in contact with the steel pipe at 90 degrees. The slide groove is just stuck on the steel pipe, which is a circular track. Go downhill at high altitudes, more often on the handrails on both sides of the stairs.

2: Attention

Before boarding, make sure the outer diameter of the railing is in line with the groove of the slide, whether it is smooth, and there are obstacles at the end.

In a short taxi, you can also jump, turn around, and perform some breathtaking and graceful moves. Newcomers should practice on low poles, or take a balance with iron poles, stand for 30 minutes or so, and they must have certain conditions to play. There is enough leg strength and balance, confidence, courage, and no fear of injury. If you do not have the above conditions, do not play these. Many wounded people must be psychologically prepared.

Other safety precautions

If you do not want to slip, you can take the pulley out of the heel and put it into your pocket. The Heelyskin becomes a pair of ordinary shoes. Heelys play is colorful and colorful. However, because of the problem of human foot's ability to bear, it is not appropriate to wear the Heelys shoes on the feet for a long time. During the holiday season, it is no problem to play the hourly walking shoes. However, if the shoes are not separated from the feet all day long, The purpose of entertainment and fitness inherent to it is counterproductive.

The pressure on the human ankle when wearing a Heelys shoes is large. In the long term, the strength of the ankle and the muscle coordination ability may be affected. So the taxi time should not be too long every day. In addition, do not glide on uneven roads. There will be microseisms in the bones. Therefore, it is best not to put the wheels on the shoes for a long time. The Heelys has a pulley in the back (bottom) part of the sole. The wearer can slide like a roller skate. Because the surface design is like a sports shoe, there is a trademark for sale. This product can be used for ordinary walking. Because of the use of shoes, some people often play in a side-by-side fashion when wearing such shoes. In fact, the Heelys should only be suitable for the purpose of gliding. On the website or information on the function of this type of shoes, it is recommended that when the walking shoes are used as ordinary walking shoes, they should be more careful. Therefore, it can be seen that the walking shoes It is not advisable to walk with ordinary shoes. When you want to use walking shoes, you must remove the pulley.

Here are some suggestions for things to watch out for when wearing a bludgeon:

1, When wearing a walking shoe, you must follow the instructions of the instructions and wear elbow pads, knee pads, helmets and other equipment. ,

2. Do not slide on roads, ramps, bumps and slippery roads. You should choose to play in areas such as parks or recreational areas such as skateboards. Do not play such products in crowded places.

3, when going up and down the stairs, be sure to remove the pulley first.

4. Friends less than 6 years old should not play such extreme sports.

5, The player must consider the speed of assembling the pulley according to his own gliding skills. Beginners should first select the slowest speed pulley and gradually change the speed and speed of the pulley.

6, pay attention to the maintenance of the pulley.

7, When assembling the pulley each time, it is necessary to confirm that the position of the pulley is stable.

8, the protection of the heel: long-term extreme slide and slide, often falling in high places, the weight of the entire person will press on the wheel, will cause damage to the foot. Sponge pads that have been used for a long time in walking shoes will flatten the protection. Choose to use some inflatable cushioning insoles to separate the pressure on the heel from the airbag, to reduce the damage, and to protect the heel from increasing and shocking. The heeled shoes after removing the wheel are completely harmless. The impact of Heelys shoes on bones (only appears in some domestic piracy).

The Heelys was equipped with a slidable wheel on the heel of the shoe. Sina has published a report titled “Preschool pupils wearing shoes worn by Heelys to remind them: Harmful to adolescent development.” The report stated that: Orthopaedic experts at the Southwest Hospital believe that occasional wearing of Heelys shoes may have little impact on health, but If you wear for a long time, especially some children wear normal shoes every day, it is easy to affect their normal development. Because most of the young people wearing this type of walking shoes are teenagers, their ankles are not fully developed in their muscles and bones. Under normal circumstances, people walk with the big toe root, the small toe root, and the heel to support the weight. If only the heel is in this state for a long period of time, the weight of the whole body is taken, and the pressure on the heel is too high, it may cause foot fasciitis. At the same time, long-term use of Heelys shoes, the child's arch development, ankle strength, muscle coordination ability will be affected, and even serious may also cause muscle strain. To this end, experts have reminded primary and secondary school students and their parents that it is important to wear a walking shoe, and do not wear it for a long period of time so as not to cause physical damage. country

There are also many experts in this field reporting from other well-known media, reminding parents and users of walking shoes not to use it for a long time. Li Tiande, former president of the Hong Kong Chiropractic Society, also recently warned that wearing such shoes for a long time can cause muscle strain, and severe cases may develop fasciitis. Li Tiande said that the design of the heel shoe will cause many problems for the wearer's feet, including the need for continuous straightening of the feet when gliding, and the leg muscles will be easily strained for a long time. In addition, the long-term straightening of the legs may cause abnormal abrasion between the dorsal bone and the bone. When the legs are standing for a long time, the heel is pressed against the slippery hard object. Severe persons can cause fasciitis and lead to severe pain in the foot.

Although neither the United States nor Hong Kong currently has statistics on the number of injuries to riot shoes, several American schools have already reminded parents to be aware that the use of bludgeon shoes by children may be dangerous. Whether it is children, young people, or parents, while pursuing fashion, they should put themselves and their children's health first.

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