Wren brand summer 2012 Lookbook blowing cool wind

Wren 品牌夏装2012 Lookbook 吹起清凉的风

Just waved in the cold winter, sweat sweaty summer immediately overflow on my mind, to be honest, I'm not ready to face year after year even hot summer, that passionate sun, Presumably already can not wait to embrace us well this summer? Just use the thought, the body is hot up, the next share, there is the function of summer heat.

Wren 品牌夏装2012 Lookbook 吹起清凉的风

Wren 品牌夏装2012 Lookbook 吹起清凉的风

After reading Wren's latest Summer 2012 Lookbook, it seems as if there is a cool breeze blowing up. The overall composition is composed of red, white and blue colors. Simply use these three wonderful chords to look forward to and praise the summer

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