Moutou brand women is a desire for happiness and happiness

Shenzhen Zhanxing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a collection of development, production, marketing, marketing, management as one of the women's brand companies, the company's brands are: motoley ( Muta Lai ), MIGHT ( Maidi ) and so on.


Motoley Motto brand for mature women to create the city, elegant, casual, British way of life, with a combination of freedom and harmony, simple lines and exquisite Fashion elements to show the charm of women's intellectual and sensual style.
Mighty embankment to European gorgeous noble life as the design element, is a desire for joy and happiness, is the extreme personality and artistic approach to show the trend of the new wave of leading a bold new style of fashion representatives.

慕托丽品牌女装 是一种对欢乐与幸福的渴望

The company stores in major cities in the country are equipped with stores for women to provide a variety of occasions can disseminate elegant and distinctive temperament of the Dress with Motoley, MIGHT to elegant, elegant, intellectual, fashion, urban lifestyle leading women new Fashion.

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