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WindFlag - Wind strives for the fashion trend in the forefront of the fashion industry. Flag tries to convey the classic banner so that consumers can realize the dream of the United States. "She never fancied, but always inherited the classic fashion" is the soul of designers and consumers The dialogue.
Risk Assessment Analysis Advantage (shop location)

How the location of a store plays a decisive role in the success of a dealer. " Wind Flag " companies with professional experience, according to the specific location of a shop, the flow of people, the surrounding environment, development prospects, to join the investors to make specific recommendations on the shop for the franchisee to make a choice or not.

Decoration advantages (store decoration design, shelves design supervision)

"Flag of the Wind" to provide a unified image of the store planning, decoration design unified decoration, providing a unified display of the goods needed props; stores designed to black, white-based colors, with nine rose gold shelves. Make full use of the limited space, elegant and elegant design, very European style romantic charm! The company provides a full set of design and construction drawings for each store and can assist the franchisees in selecting decorative engineering companies and dispatching commissioners to supervise the progress and quality of the projects during the project.

Management advantages (all-round scientific management, complete service system and staff training)

Wind flag company terminal management over the years, with a broad sales channels and rich experience in terminal management. The company has a strong sales force, "to win the first decisive terminal" purposes, from the market to the terminal display, services and other aspects for the franchisee to provide a full range of comprehensive services and scientific guidance, while joining Traders and their employees to implement regular specialized training and irregular roving training.


Opening support advantages (co-ordination store opening and promotion)

Each opening of a new store, the company will send professionals to visit the site responsible for the layout of the shop and display of goods, showcase, to attend the opening ceremony. At the same time, the company will be based on the provincial capital level, prefecture-level cities, cities and counties level and shop area, low-cost distribution of the corresponding opening gifts.

Advertising advantages (national, long-term advertising and participation in large-scale expositions)

Wind Flag Company is responsible for national advertising, including television, newspapers, magazines, street signs, light boxes, public welfare sponsors, etc., while the company approval of the regional advertising approval, the company can bear some of the costs.

Promotional advantages (festivals and new products listed on the promotion planning, guidance, support)

With each new quarterly listing, the company has a large number of promotional materials (wind flag, POP, posters, promotional items, etc.) sent to the shops, and provide promotional guidance.

Product advantages (product design and development)

Fengqi products according to the season is divided into four categories, all year round have their own products, supplemented by handbags, belts, shoes and other complementary products. Wind flag clothing series, to grasp the pulse of fashion, set the world's fashion and cultural essence, adhering to the noble, grace, simplicity, generous design concept, the traditional classic suits and modern casual wear perfect combination to form a unique fashion, ladies clothing Series, its style is simple, personalized, expressive, suitable for modern cultural connotation, distinctive personality and taste of white-collar workers, business success, civil servants, both from work to life, can always provide the most satisfactory state of mind best mood Performance.

Quality advantage (product quality assurance)

In strict accordance with the ISO9002 quality assurance system, SA-8000 social responsibility certification and 5 S comprehensive quality management guidelines and environmental protection, health standards to strictly quality.

Order advantages (sources of assurance and provision)

Wind flag company held twice a year product orders - spring and summer, autumn and winter orders for the two seasons, joining agents set the goods within three days and to determine the order. Fengqi company to ensure that agents joined the full supply of goods at the same time, reduce the risk of ordering agents and stocking agents.


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