Buying fur this winter is 30% more expensive than last year

Buying fur this winter is 30% more expensive than last year Industry insiders predict that fur market has reached the highest peak in history in 2011. The chief reporter Liu Ducheng photographs a new famous lady's mink, grey-blue, and short-cut fur at a retail price of 23,800 yuan.

The retail price of a new Asian legendary purple, natural, and long vest is 58,000 yuan;

The retail price of a new crystal Liss top, leopard, and long fur is RMB 68,800...

As the temperature continues to fall, winter clothes from major shopping malls in Shenyang have appeared. The fur, which is known as luxury, has also ushered in the traditional sales season. New furs of all brands are on the market. Recently, the reporter visited the retail market and found that this year's fur style is more stylish, more colorful, shawl collar, eight-point sleeves, plum pink, character ... ... exceptionally enchanting. Of course, its price should not be underestimated. The rise in raw material prices and the increase in labor costs have driven the ex-factory price of fur coats up. The average retail price of a fur has been raised by 25% to 30% from last year. In addition to merchant promotions, fur under 10,000 yuan has been rare.

Asked prices have risen by nearly 30% compared to last year. With the rapid development of the economy, tens of thousands of furs have become popular among consumers. In the Shenyang retail market, in addition to the Xinglong Family, Zhongxing Commercial Building, Tiexi Department Stores and other department stores with fur stores, Fengtai Commercial Building, Hong Kong International Fur City and other fur stores are also opening more and more. Recently, the reporter visited some of the fur stores and investigated the prices and styles of the 2011 new fur brands of all brands that have fully entered the Shenyang retail market.

In the counter of the famous lady's shop in the middle street's fur store, the reporter saw that the retail price of a new style lady's mink, grey-blue, and short-cut fur is 23,800 yuan; a combination of mink skin, black, and leopard points. The retail price of fur is 32,800 yuan. For other brands, the retail price of a new Asian legendary purple clam, natural colour, and long vest is 58,000 yuan; a cross-cut, the retail price for natural colour and long fur is 23,800 yuan. The retail price of a new fur coat, leopard print, shawl collar and long fur is 23,800 yuan. The retail price of a short-covered fur made of American otters, white, nine-sleeved sleeves and crystal glass buttons is 25,800 yuan. ... The more than 50 furs the reporter saw, the prices were above 10,000 yuan.

Ms. Wang, a salesperson at the fur store, told reporters that after entering the fur sales season every November, the current year's situation saw a single fur increase of about 3,000 yuan this year. Taking the price of 18,000 yuan as an example, last year's price was only 15,000 yuan, or nearly 30%. And now the price of the fur below 10,000 yuan is rare, and occasionally there are tens of thousands of products, not the quality of the fur is slightly worse, that is, the old models come up with discounts.

The reason why the price of raw materials is the main reason for the interview, some businesses told reporters that compared with ordinary clothing, fur clothing belongs to high-end goods, the price is generally relatively stable, but if the production costs of raw materials such as fur upstream rose, then the final This part of the price must be transmitted to the terminal sales market.

It is understood that in recent years, the prices of raw materials such as cotton, feathers, and cashmere have soared, and the increase in the raw materials for fur garments at the highest end of the apparel industry has been astonishing. According to statistics, most of the raw materials for fur garments production come from the United States, Denmark, Finland, Canada, etc. These countries raised the price of raw hides on the basis of the price increase of raw materials, and the price of raw hides obtained by wholesalers was 10% higher than the original price. Coupled with a substantial increase in the labor force, the ex-factory price of fur garments has risen by at least 20%. This group of data was confirmed by the relevant person in charge of the Xinglong Family Fur City. “Rising raw material prices and increased labor costs have driven the ex-factory prices of fur coats up. The retail price of a fur has been increased by an average of 25% to 30% last year,” said the person in charge of the Xinglong Family Fur City. reporter.

The reporter then saw on the website of China Minkpi Information. On September 16, the price of standard black crickets made from domestic mink (public leather) ranged from 290 yuan to 360 yuan, while standard black crickets (female skin) ranged from 170 yuan to 230 yuan. Yuan interval, and the market is showing a rising trend. “We have learned from our contacts with fur suppliers that the increase in fur prices this year has a very limited impact on labor costs, mainly on raw materials, and that the thicker the fur velvet and the shorter the hair pin, the sharper the price.” A fur industry professional told reporters.

Despite the rapid increase in fur prices this year, some people predict that in 2011 the mink market has reached the highest peak in history based on the pattern of changes in the molting and the economic development trajectory in the past 10 years. 2012-2013 will be the turning point of the fur market, and the fur market will enter the downtrend. aisle. However, this kind of prediction does not seem to be universally accepted. “Price fluctuations are possible, but overall, the upward trend is irreversible, but the rate of increase may not be so great.” Related to Shenyang Furs Store People give this view.

Asked consumers to rise faster than expected Regardless of how the fur market is volatile, both domestic and international fur manufacturers are looking forward to the Chinese market. At the 37th China International Fair Leather and Leather Products Fair, Kenneth Roberg, Vice President and Sales Director of Kopenhagen Fur Auctions, a world-famous fur auction house, gave a detailed research report of this institution. The annual growth rate is 15%, and it is expected to increase by about 10% annually in the next 10 years. In the retail market in Shenyang, some businesses disclosed to reporters that business in recent years has been quite good.

The reporter conducted an investigation of some consumers during the interview. The results of the survey show that the original consumer groups of people aged 35 years or older with high-income women's fur have joined white-collar women aged 20-30. In addition, with the design and development of men's fur, more and more male buyers have joined it. At the same time, the three most important considerations for most respondents when purchasing fur are: quality, style, and price. About 30% of the respondents believe that the fur price in the current retail market is high, and about 30% of the respondents believe that fur prices Too high. Fur is a relatively luxurious commodity, and relatively high prices are normal. The existence of such a group of figures indicates that the current retail price of the fur market is higher than the psychological expectations of most consumers.

In addition, the reporter learned that although the price of fur is determined by comprehensive factors such as raw materials and labor costs, the short-term marketing activities of retail outlets also affect the retail price of fur. Therefore, citizens want to buy new furs with relatively favorable prices. They also need to pay close attention to the marketing activities launched by the companies from time to time. Outside the marketing period, the same brands of furs of various retailers have basically the same price.

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