The key to autumn and winter fashion follows the trend of knitting

Ben Wang reported on the 15th of November that the past knitting has always been somewhat old, but in the fall and winter of 2011, the element that can enhance the taste of fashion is knitted wool yarn. The recovery of this trend is not due to radical innovation but classics. The return. Look at the T stage in autumn and winter. Knitted sweaters, scarves, dresses, and hats are everywhere. There are all kinds of specifications and styles. No matter how you choose, this fall and winter will be destined to have more fashion colleagues in the temperature, a new style guide, to share.

Autumn angels

Want to pick the colors of the new season, imagine the feeling of the jungle. Moss green, pumpkin orange, dark gray and black are all good choices. To create such a styling in the city, just stack and match, plus a vivid natural print and casual boots. Cold ear protection is also a good choice.

Elegant stripes

In addition to stripes, no other element can bring the feeling of spring into the coming winter. Choose rainbow-like bright stripes to make people feel happy all day long. In combination with a soft color, with black pantyhose, brown belt and brown Cap, this combination is perfect!

Animal Magic

New sweaters are hot and you should start quickly. If you want a styling effect that is more perfect, you can choose a Sweater that is printed with cute and delicate patterns. Then you can decorate the sweater with cleverly used hats and other accessories, or you can wear a plaid scarf and instantly become a fashionista!

Indian Princess

With the American Indian knitting trend, intimate interaction with nature. Combine tribal style into casual velvet velvet blouses and harem pants, and use urban-inspired accessories such as classic satchels, Hoodies, and cute boots to make the look so stylish that you will surely be the highlight of the dance.

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