Offside juvenile equipment: build a complete product system

A clothing store's business is good, whether the goods is sufficient is very important. Sparsely laced a few pieces of clothes hanging in the shop, so that customers feel deserted, business will not be good to where to go. On the contrary, if a variety of stores, prepared goods and enough, an array of, will naturally give customers a sense of fullness, the customer's passion for consumption will be instantly ignited. Children are fun, if not only in the apparel industry to buy clothes, but also to buy play, use, sales will naturally become better. Offside youth installed in the development of product development strategy fully take into account the variety of completeness, not only a combination of sports, leisure, fashion three basic styles, each quarter of the style of goods is extremely rich, not only that, offside youth will also Product chain has been further extended, accessories, stationery, sporting goods and other related products have also been entered the store, greatly improving the convenience of customer shopping. In order to allow consumers more choice when buying, off-year juvenile wear more than 200 styles every quarter of the market, the total amount of a year will be more than 1,000 models. In the specific product structure, T-shirts, shirts, vests, sweatshirts, casual pants, skirts, jeans, jackets, jackets, cotton jackets, down jackets, coats, sweaters, Stationery, jewelry, balls, sporting goods, etc. are included. Both domestic and international big brands are all focused on the development of multi-species strategy, complete product chain itself is a manifestation of overall strength. Offside juvenile equipment in this year proposed to build China's first brand of children's clothing strategic goals, complete product system without a brand for the take-off laid a solid foundation. Guangzhou Offside Garments Co., Ltd. (Offside) Offside online consulting: Add: Jia Jun Industrial Park, Jiahe Street, Jiahe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Tel: Fax : Website: http: //

    T / C fabric is polyester fabric and cotton yarn in the woven machine in accordance with certain rules interwoven fabric. Various products of T/C Fabric , this kind of fabrics are usually printed T/C fabric, dyeing T/C fabric, bleached white T/C fabric, Greige T/C Fabric and so on a series of products. These fabrics mainly used for Lining .pocketing . clothes. printing. garment. home textile, etc. T / C fabric not only highlights the characteristics of cotton and polyester fabric, in the dry and wet conditions are better elasticity and wear resistance, dimensional stability, shrinkage is small, with upright, easy wrinkle, easy to wash, quick-drying and other characteristics. Also, we can provide  any kind of customer need to color!

T/C Fabric

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