Paddy children's clothing analysis: Korean version of the children's wear in China is very popular reason

Now whether it is to visit the major children's clothing wholesale market, or in the children's clothing store, the Korean version of children's wear can be considered the main stock, why Korean children's wear in China so welcome? I think this is inseparable from the hit of the Korean TV series in China. The Korean idol program has been seizing the Chinese market all these years. It has a lot of voices and concerns. The heroines in the Korean TV series are pretty , Dress and fashion are very stylish, even the hair to do are quite good-looking, called the young people now how can not envy? Improperly so oh! In the TV series even Korean children dress up is quite good, super cute fashion, and a little different. This is a natural beauty of women, looks are parents have no choice, people can not imitate the looks, it is only to imitate people wearing clothes, Korean version of the clothing so deeply rooted, along with the Korean version also led Children's wear in China's popular, so the Korean version of the clothes will be along the way of being welcomed. Of course, apparel businesses also smell this important information, see the Korean children's clothing market, it began mass production to meet people's tastes, not to mention, the effect is quite good, do not believe you can go to the major wholesale markets look Look! Most children like Korean version of the young children are young parents, most people do not have the brand concept may be more valued and concerned about the dress style, that is, style, like to dress up the baby's beautiful, follow the fashion trend , That out of the unique and show off the cute baby beautiful, but also bring confidence to the baby too! Korean children's clothing generally has several features: 1, the design is unique style Have bought Korean children's dad and mom we all know that Korean children's clothing is like to go in the design of lovely routes, such as often accompanied by a bow in the chest, or add some lace , Then there is a lot of cute patterns up. Also like to add some patterns on the clothes or pants pocket, that is, personality and fashion. 2, the color with bright, bright colors have been the main color of children's wear, Korean version of the clothing is also very focused on this point, but not all the colors are piled together, but very good through the combination of color and light and shade to Three-dimensional performance of clothing. Therefore, the wearing of Korean-style clothing, with the fun and the resulting different effects will make you a pleasant surprise, it is precisely because of the unique style and the perfect combination of color combinations, wearing Korean children's clothing baby, often give The immediate feeling of the people, I think this is exactly the mentality of women, to be different, also put the baby dressed different. 3, more personality, publicity Korean version of the children's clothing design lies in its publicity personality exaggeration, fashion is not alternative, the design is more bold, to break the conservative Chinese clothing. Now is the era of the pursuit of individuality, fashion, everyone wants to be different from others, in terms of wear as well. 4, clothing with pay attention to see the Korean version of children's clothing, some you get a piece of clothing alone or a pair of pants, and will not find how special, but the two put up together, but can achieve unexpected results in South Korean TV series Children actor is because take good, so looks very different, very beautiful, such as a headdress with a personalized scarf, ah, and we in China do not pay attention to this, most with a hat. Due to the popularity of Korean version of children's clothing, sales in the market is also relatively good, and now many domestic brands are also followed the design of the market, a few days ago also went to the wholesale market, see a lot of different brands of children's clothing, but the design is more or less the same , Are not clear what is the real Korean version, which is domestic. Focus on children, children's fashion concern, every mom and dad are concerned. Let the baby wear fashion, you can also star style Oh!

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