Kouchar boutique fashion underwear with love intentions of life

Kouchar advocates that women should understand the true meaning of life, run the life with love, and create the romantic heart. They are low-key and wise, calm and elegant, intellectual and tasteful. They are happy women. Time washing, polishing the world, so that they know more about running a family, love, marriage and life. Underwear for the personal thing, can play a protective, modified, warm, soothing the role of the soul. To the close friend's underwear carrying a full of care and love; give parents warm warmth of their parents body and mind; gave her husband's trousers express caring and love; give her daughter's bra will teach her self-confidence Will be more beautiful. Time flies, years left a thin wrinkles in the woman's face, but leaving women a more intellectual, intelligent, gentle, quiet, attentive light! Give yourself and a close friend a corset, let us in the years before still attractive!


蔻夏尔精品时尚内衣  用爱用心经营生活

This timeless love, let Koushen Er underwear for you to witness. Kocha from Italy Italian underwear for a more beautiful and exist, more happiness for women exist. Kouchar's woman has a family, friendship and love. Let the heart of love flow, so love forever!

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