In the early spring, sexy knit shoes are popular

This February 18 hearing, whether linen, rattan or leather weaving items have always carried a lot of natural flavor, this trend derived from the T station has become the best partner for urban girls to show elegance . In the upcoming spring and summer new season, whether it is a pair of light weaving shoes, will add a touch of natural taste for your mix.

Weaving winds in the early spring

Weaving winds in the early spring

Knitting, knitting, beading, inlaying, and other handicrafts have made Burberry Prorsum's 2012 spring-summer new look colorful.

Burberry Prorsum : The weaving, knitting, beading, inlaying and other craftsmanship have made Burberry Prorsum's new 2012 spring-summer outfit a colorful one. Especially woven handbags and shoes series, exquisite design and special technology to provide more possibilities for daily match.

Ralph Lauren's interpretation of the glamorous and low-key personality of the Flapper girl in the 1920s on the 2012 Spring Summer show

Ralph Lauren : Ralph Lauren's Spring/Summer 2012 show featured the glamorous and understated image of the Flapper girl in the 1920s. Therefore, a pair of wedge-heeled shoes became a necessary tool to create a 1920s style.

Prints of flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. give Dolce & Gabbana a new series of vitality

Dolce&Gabbana : Floral prints, fruits, vegetables, and other patterns of printing make Dolce & Gabbana's new collection vibrant, especially the light-colored woven shoe bag embellished in the foot and hands of the model, people can not put it down.

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