Tianyi Square boutique underwear fashion healthy parity preferred

Tianyi Square to join, care for women's product concept, fashion, personality, parity of specialty products, Tianyifang joined won the majority of consumers love and trust. Tianyifang franchise stores fashion design, the internal shopping environment comfortable and reasonable for customers happy shopping, enjoy the quality.


There are nearly 10,000 ordinary communities in a medium-sized city. According to the ratio of 1: 1 in Europe and the United Kingdom, each woman buys 3 pieces of underwear every year. Nearly 1 million people have joined Tianyi Square for one year. As Tianyifang franchisee operating under three different styles of underwear, imagine when a mother walked into the Tianyi Square underwear, she would think of to buy their own daughter or mother belong to their underwear. Tianyi Square girls joined the series price 19-99 yuan, the sexy series is between 49-299, middle-aged series is between 39-69. Tianyifang franchisee After long-term market research results, Tianyifang franchise brand is absolutely in line with the present female psychology.

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Tealight Candles

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