One hundred reasons to like New York

If you love someone, take her to New York; if you hate someone, take her to New York. This is the famous line of Jiang Wen in "People in Beijing". The show has been broadcast for exactly 25 years, and the people attracted by the show have entered another stage of life, and New York is still the place where people love and hate.

In New York, you will see the most fashionable and noisy streets in the United States, but you will also see the dark and indifferent side. You can watch the world’s biggest drama on Broadway. You can also watch an NBA in the Madison Garden. Of course, you can go to the New York Stock Exchange, or you can browse the New York panorama by running the New York Marathon.

You can fall in love with the bustle and leisure of New York, but you will also hate New York's fast pace and high prices, the city is always so harmonious and balanced, and when I walk around the streets with Acola's suitcase, this The feeling is especially strong.

As a tourist destination, every day and night in New York has a different style. More than a month ago, the celebration lights of Christmas in Times Square have just been extinguished. The Lunar New Year’s Dragon and Lion Dance Parade is another way from Chinatown to the Lincoln Center. You can see the world’s top works of art in the Metropolitan Museum. You can also see A variety of street art in different styles; the Empire State Building enjoys the most spectacular sunsets before going to Flushing to taste the most authentic Chinese cuisine.

New York can be said to be the most Americanized place in our hearts. All the imaginations about the United States can be confirmed here. New York can be said to be the least American place. Different faces and different identities can be seen everywhere. It can be said that it is this kind of balanced beauty that embraces different cultures, which makes New York make travellers yearn for it.

New York Fashion Week, as one of the top four fashion weeks in the world, attracts a lot of attention every year. Here, you can see the modern Upper East Side fashion in Gossip Girl, and you can also see the exotic customs of different cultures and different cultures. These years of New York Fashion Week are different from the past, because the economic strength that China cannot ignore, the more The more Chinese brands and Chinese elements come together, of course, it is not to be overlooked that the interesting cross-border is also constantly presented in New York Fashion Week, which is also the tolerant side of New York. At noon on February 10, 2019, the high-quality suitcase brand ECHOLAC (Coca-Cola) used by many pioneer travellers also appeared with New York street fashion brand UNWONTED in New York Fashion Week for nine years, just as Coca-Cola showed a new and remarkable year. The high-end image, the series designed by the Italian designer Marco, representing the new travel style, also made its debut in this cross-border event.

These two series are not only the two pioneer travellers recalling the special small vest and the marathon queen's small seven royal style, but also the travel treasure of many talented stars, and that day, the famous travel blogger Pan Naibai and fashion geek cat Miny Also on the spot to watch the show, more fashion supermodels and fashion kol show the love of the box, funky, and the best is the brand essence of the Coca-Cola suitcase.

(photograph of live model and KOL and box photo)

UNWONTED2019x loves to use the "Balance" theme to land in New York Fashion Week, taking the balance. The designer is inspired by the balance, and divides the cut and fabric equally. The works are arranged in different fabrics and materials, and there are many clothes and clothes. Style. The brand hopes to create a harmonious work with a balanced attitude, so that the clothing in the opposition highlights the character of the wearer and the quiet beauty of the Eastern philosophy.

The models displayed by ECHOLAC and UNWONTED brand custom suitcases are simple in style, but with special custom metal strips in the details, which perfectly reflects the balance between simplicity and complexity. Throughout the show, ECHOLAC pursues a balance between ordinary and passion, and perfectly blends with UNWONTED's gender-free brand concept. On unwonted clothes, there are circles and metal bars that coincide with the dynasty suitcase.

(Model photo)

In fact, this is not the first intimate contact between ECHOLAC and New York. In August 2018, ECHOLAC joined hands with Tmall and took the new suitcase to the big screen of Times Square in New York. This year, the fate of ECHOLAC and New York has gone a step further.

Echolac boarded New York Times Square

The ECHOLAC brand was founded in Japan in 1964 and its founder is Mr. Reizo Koseki. It has a brand history of more than 50 years and has a profound history. One of the world's most famous luggage products was its ABS case, which was the world's first successful resin suitcase.

Today, ACC's products are designed by an international design team composed of senior designers from Italy, Japan and China. The inspirations are in Milan, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc., with a global perspective and international cutting-edge fashion. A product that combines functionality and quality. Combining the oriental genes deeply buried in the body with the internationalized blood, ACC has launched a new brand concept “East Love West Rhyme” this year.

This cooperation with the UNWONTED brand is also a result of a high degree of fit in the brand culture. UNWONTED is a brand founded in New York, and several founders are from China. Designer LUJIN ZHANG is also a Chinese designer with a Western education background. This is the best interpreter of “East Love West”.

Traveling is from a place you are familiar with to a place familiar to others. This is the balance of different lifestyles.

And fashion, is to implant the gorgeousness of the T station in daily life, which is the balance within the different aesthetic framework.

Walking in New York, both travel and fashion are in the bag, and Coca-Cola wants you to be a pioneering traveller.

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