Tiffany silverware maintenance

Do you know how to maintain tiffany silverware? Since Tiffany Tiffany launched the first silverware with silver 925‰ in 1851, 925 silver jewelry has become the main force of silver jewelry in the market. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the maintenance knowledge of tiffany silverware.

Silver ornaments often appear black, yellow, tarnished, etc., and sometimes deform. But as long as you spend a little thought and move your brain, you will be able to make your baby last forever.

Symptom 1: Loss of luster

What kind of jewelry is worn with the clothes, the girl’s line is always the same every day. When you haven't worn it for a while, it will become dull. This is because copper and rust contained in the jewelry cause copper rust after contact. The solution is simple, just wipe it with a silver cloth to maintain the whiteness of the jewelry. Some jewellery surfaces are protected with platinum, but under long-wearing wear, the underlying silver is slowly exposed to the air. Experts recommend using soda powder rub to restore the luster of silver, natural and cheap.

Symptom 2: yellowing

In the case of wearing, if the silver decoration shows signs of yellowing, it is also the cause of oxidation. Use a small jewelry brush (toothbrush) to clean the dirt in the silver jewelry, and then wipe the surface with a silver cloth to restore the original silver and light. It is recommended that if you use silver cloth to recover about 80% of the silver, you don't need to use silver or other scrubbing products. Because these products are corrosive, silver will become more and more yellow after using these products. Remember that the silver cloth contains maintenance ingredients and must not be washed.

Symptom 3: Turn black

If the silverware is not processed and stored after wearing it, it is very likely that the silverware will be blackened. At this time, the jewelry should be thoroughly cleaned first, then the face paper or cotton cloth should be slightly rubbed with silver milk, and the black oxide on the surface of the silverware should be wiped off. Then the silver cloth is used to restore the original brightness of the jewelry. Also remember to do daily maintenance, to avoid the silverware blackening again, because the silver ornaments are difficult to whiten after many times of blackening.

The above is the maintenance knowledge of tiffany silverware, I hope to help you.

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