3 million yuan of jewelry stolen thief is actually a cousin

864 pieces of gold jewelry were suddenly stolen in the company's exhibition hall, with a total value of nearly 3 million yuan, which made the manager Ms. Chen stupid. After the Luohu police received the police, they quickly attacked and arrested the suspect within 24 hours. What surprised Ms. Chen was that the thief was actually the cousin of the proprietress, Zeng.

According to reports, at 16:18 on August 12, Chen, a manager of Shenzhen Jiuyi Jewelry Co., Ltd., went to the Luzhu Police Station of Luohu Public Security Bureau to report that the company had stolen 864 pieces of gold jewelry, including 592 inlaid greens. Turquoise, 267 pieces of jade jewelry, 5 pieces of gold and gold pieces, with a total value of about 3 million yuan.

After receiving the report, the police of the Cuizhu Police Station quickly went to the scene to investigate and found that the company's showcases were all opened by the keys. The escape window between the fifth floor and the sixth floor was also opened by the key, and the video power of the exhibition hall was cut off. According to this, the police determined that the case was internal thieves, so they started from two aspects: first, starting from the key, investigating the employees holding or using the key; on the other hand, starting from video surveillance, the monitoring and maintenance personnel were investigated. On the same day, the police brought 17 employees who met the situation back to the police station for investigation.

On the morning of the 13th, the company’s proprietress suddenly received a text message: “Hello, the boss, all the goods you have stolen are inside the green bucket that is covered by flowers under a mountain lamp. I hope this is the case...”

According to the contents provided by the text message, the police quickly retrieved the stolen goods and quickly arrested the suspect Zeng (male, 26 years old, Xingning, Guangdong) through investigation, and at 16 o'clock on the 13th, in an industrial zone. Capture it.

Zeng confessed to his theft. After the trial, Zeng was actually the cousin of the company's proprietress. According to the confession, he used to be the monitoring manager and warehouse manager of the jewelry company. When he resigned, he left the company key. Due to family financial difficulties, he was guilty of theft. At present, the suspect has been criminally detained.

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