Early summer when the summer can be used with the summer outfit mix and match pierced the early autumn new fashion

Now the momentum of summer gradually weakened, one to the season, and big men different, the beauty of the girls must have the idea: the new clothes to buy it! But the wallet that he is under great pressure! In order to reduce the pressure on the wallet during the season, learn to use summer mix and match clothing to wear a new autumn fashion is imperative.


Fashion, domineering leather skirt is a woman in fall and winter with a single product, seemingly cold leather skirt is very wild. The length of the knee is very retro taste, with printing short-sleeved shirt, summer, autumn and winter mix and match just for such a season, the design of small bee waist clothes to receive the perfect curve, the proportion of more elongated figure.

初秋的时候夏装还可以搭配吗 夏装混搭穿出初秋新时尚

Not only the long clothing trousers, coat plus body can be regarded as autumn style, a short sleeve jacket is also the best embodiment of summer and autumn alternation, a cool match, because patent leather jacket is even more dazzling, with the same color High heels, neutral dress style to reveal a touch of femininity.

Image Source: Beautiful world of colorful women

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