Congratulations Hong Kong Bailin underwear Guangzhou Zengcheng store grand opening

Congratulations Hong Kong Belle Underwear Guangzhou Zengcheng store opened, I wish our franchisee Miss Nguyen business is booming. Belle new store opened a lot of benefits, a lot of gifts, welcome to the store to buy.

Belle Ting underwear, under the constant brand quenching, the end of the domestic market Ancelotti pioneer, the domestic market a rosy, terminal stores throughout the motherland across the river north and south, already in the land of China set off a burst of lingerie lingerie!

Belle very underwear intoxicated man's eyes, led to a woman's jealousy, intellectual charm, elegant bloom, which is a brand of beauty and dance; this is a feature lingerie boom years; Belle brand bra underwear , since its inception to shoulder Lead the fashion trend of the public, to become the leader in high-end underwear brand. Has been committed to the majority of female friends advocate a healthy and beautiful life, dedicated to the majority of female friends to bring more health, comfort, beauty and confidence. Beili Ting underwear style and diverse, pay attention to the choice of materials, decent design decent, attention to detail and experience; products wearing health, fashion, comfort and beauty, Zhuoer extraordinary, highlighting the self-confidence and charm of women; Belle Ting brand underwear elegant but not flagrant, simple But not simple, every detail of the design are distributed Belle brand of wonderful, with a ubiquitous surprise let you experience the bit by bit of life fun, really bring you is unparalleled intimate enjoyment.


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