How to maintain all kinds of bedding?

How to maintain all kinds of bedding?

1, drying time should not be too long and too dense. Keep warm in the sun for three or four hours to achieve results. It is not good to dry for too long or too many times, especially duvets and wool quilts. When exposed to the sun, odor will be generated. When the silk is exposed to the sun, it will change color and be cracked. Therefore, it only needs to be placed in a dry and ventilated place to spread one or two. It can be an hour.

2. Do not use force to pat the sun. When drying, it is best to be inside the sun, to protect the material of the surface, and to allow direct contact with the sun to disinfect. If you use a stick to beat it, the fiber in the quilt will break or the cotton dust will run out; while some synthetic fibers will be thin and long, and easily deformed. Once the fiber is smashed, the fiber shrinkage plate can not be restored; the duvet can not be recovered. Beat, otherwise the down will break into a small "feather dust", the warmth effect will be affected, use the broom to sweep the dust on the quilt.

3, duvet, wool quilt, silk can not be washed. Duvets, wool quilts, and silk quilts cannot be washed. Duvets and wools can be dry-cleaned. Silk quilts can be lightly sun-dried on the balcony. If they are not used for a long time, they should be placed in the insecticide after drying. Save it. The fiber can be washed directly into the washing machine or hand-washed with cold water, but the detergent should be used for cleaning. The washing time is preferably half an hour. The washed fiber will not be deformed and must be thoroughly dried.

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