Mingliangzhuang Tomb Jewelry is the jewel of Zheng He’s voyages to the West.

On the 15th, at the exhibition of "The Tomb of Mingliangzhuang King - The Treasure of Zheng He Times" exhibited at the Hubei Provincial Museum, it was learned that the jewelry inlaid in the tomb of Liangzhuang King was confirmed by experts and was taken by Zheng He in the Western Ocean. Back to jewelry.

The tomb of Mingliangzhuang is the tomb of the ninth son of Zhunzong and Wei Wei of the Ming Renzong Zhu Gaochi. More than 5,300 pieces of gold, jade and porcelain were unearthed. There are more than 700 gemstones in various kinds of unearthed cultural relics. The highest level of the tomb of the Prince of Ming Dynasty has been discovered. The richness and exquisiteness of the burial objects are second only to the Dingling in the Ming Tombs.

The reporter saw that the gold-encrusted jewels with enamel, the cloud-shaped gold-tire inlaid gemstones, the gold-tire inlaid gemstones, the sapphire peony peony, the gold-encrusted peony ring, etc., the ruby ​​and sapphire set on it Nearly one hundred gems such as emeralds, emeralds, gold emerald cat eyes, and quartz cat eyes. On the top of the gold-plated gemstone cap, it is set with a 200-carat olive-shaped colorless sapphire, which is the largest sapphire currently found.

According to the record of "The End of the World", Zheng He's fleet purchased a large amount of jewellery in the Western Ocean. What kind of jewels Zheng He brought back from the Western Ocean is what people used to know.

According to the expert group of China University of Geosciences, during the Liangzhuang period of the Ming Dynasty, Zheng He went to the Western Ocean several times before and after the Ming Dynasty, which expanded China's contacts with the world. The four famous precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and gold emeralds were unearthed from the tomb of Liangzhuang Wang. The origins were from Southeast Asia. After finishing the cultural relics and interpreting the epitaphs, they confirmed the jewels brought back by Zheng He when he was in the Western Sea.

The Tomb of Mingliangzhuang is located in Zhongxiang City. It was called the suburb of the Warring States Period and was the capital of the Chu State Capital. During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, Zhong Xiang became the three major national governments directly under the same name as Beijing and Nanjing. In 2001, the tomb of Mingliangzhuang Wang began to be excavated.

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