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The first time you put on a custom made product from Hongbond, you can show the unique charm of a man, but also contains a psychedelic magical power like a gentleman, making you indulge in his incomparable intimate and comfortable. Hongbond, summing up and consolidating the custom skills inherited by generations of red-hand tailors, inherits and promotes the spirit of the Chinese Red Army and customizes the perfect version for customers.

Hongbond Co., Ltd. summed up the custom skills inherited and passed down from generation to generation by Hong Kong tailors, and inherited and promoted the spirit of the Chinese Red Gang: providing tailored services for customers with quality through the Internet and adopting tailor-made services for customers. Customized version, select the highest quality surface, accessories, and strive for excellence in the sewing process!

The first time you put on a custom made product from Hongbond, you can show the unique charm of a man, but also contains a psychedelic magical power like a gentleman, making you indulge in his incomparable intimate and comfortable.

Relying on the magic of the Internet, Hongbang Creation Co., Ltd. delivered its unique and customized concepts and customized products to the motherland in a short period of time and quickly took root in the clothing industry. Consumers who are just beginning to contact with Hongbang are often dubious. Can they be customized online? However, after an online custom experience, it eventually became a loyal customer of the Red State's creation, and the clothes were well-dressed, but no more expensive than clothing. In addition, Hongbond retains the size of clothes for customers, making it more convenient for repeat customers to make custom purchases. In the eyes of the average person, it seems incredible that the customer can only customize the shirt and deliver it to the door within four days. This is thanks to Hongbond, Hongmu, Dad, and father.å“¿éž’ å“¿éž’ ? ? è¾› è¾› è¾› é…† é…† é…† é…† é…† é…† b b b b b b b b , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . Of course, what can't be ignored is its unique team. They are like the 108 men in the waters. They all have their own unique skills: the experts in e-commerce, the veterans in the fashion industry, the best shirt masters in the capital, and rare management elites!

Under this well-built system management, Hongbang Chuangyi has a strong custom shirt production capacity that can quickly meet the needs of customers. It is precisely because of this that, thanks to the charm of the Internet and its own capabilities, Hongbang Chuangyi has opened up its own online custom Blue Ocean, no longer subject to geographical, no longer plagued by online offline sales pricing problems, nor is it Overwhelmed by the backlog of clothing inventory.

Hongbond's customization has given customers the opportunity to become their own clothing image designer. More than 300 shirt styles are available for customers' reference. If you are still full of ideas, you can design your own style and decide on fabrics. While the other part of the customization goal is the fit of clothes, how to provide the size of the clothes, Redbonnet creates a variety of ways for customers: experienced customer service provides professional advice on the basis of the customer's own body; customers can also put themselves The fit clothes are sent to the company, and the company customizes them according to the paintings and scoops; if it is in the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, it would be even simpler. Call the 400 hotline to make an appointment with the consultants at Hongbang Co., Ltd. Professional wear consultation, so that the customer's customized needs better meet. Hongbang Chuangyi also plans to set up offline display stores in high-end business districts in major cities. By the end of 2011, the first entity customization experience store had opened for business in Beijing Lecheng Center.

Customers who have enjoyed Redbonnet's creation services will be able to feel the temptation of customization that Hongbond can't resist. The company is aiming at white-collar workers with customized demand. It has earned enough popularity in just a few years to make a comeback. The sales of Taobao’s flagship stores range from a few days at the start to a few hundred days on the current day. Even many of the world’s top 500 companies are loyal customers. In addition, Hongbang Creation also has its own special services:

(1) Customization services can be easily realized by the first set of 3D visual clothing customization system on the domestic website of Hongbo Chuangyi. The letter or constellation symbol that will belong to oneself or the lover and a variety of special patterns for the holiday will be embroidered on the shirt sweetly. From then on no matter whether it is a sincere holiday gift for her boyfriend, father, good friend or client.

(2) Have you heard that lovers can be customized? Of course, if you come to Hongbang, whether you are fat or thin, high or low, you can easily achieve your desire, wear the same clothes as him (her), and then go to the right place with your fashion!

The brand of Hongbond can be said to be an alternative to the clothing custom industry. It is a unique way of developing traditional tailor-made top fashion brands and has created a unique development model. It is not just a fashion that Redbones creates clothes to sell, but it is even more commendable that it is an intimate one. Welcome to Hongbond to experience the irresistible custom temptation and add fun to your life

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