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In the clothing store management, how to seize the customer's psychology is an important issue. The operator wants the customer willing to walk into the store and is happy to pay for the goods. Here, the need for shops in the decoration and service issues to attract customers at the same time, sales staff also allow customers to have enough purchasing confidence, in a way, to increase customer confidence should also be a sales service.

In accordance with the order of time, clothing retail service can be roughly divided into pre-sale service, sale of services and after-sales service.


Pre-sales service: enhance customer confidence into the store

Pre-sales service refers to the enterprise through carefully study the psychology of consumers, before consumers do not contact the goods, take the initiative to provide consumers with convenient measures to provide information related to goods, arouse the attention of consumers, stimulate consumer sentiment, help consumers Cognitive products, many potential consumers into real consumers.

Salesperson is the most distressed than the three customers did not enter the shop, the more the less customers in the store this phenomenon is more serious. When customers find few customers in the store, it is inevitable to make a general assumption based on this situation: This shop is not suitable for most people spending. The reason may be the lack of attractive goods, the price unbearable and so on. This inference makes the customer a serious lack of confidence into the store purchase. In this case, the salesperson can work hard in two aspects to enhance the customer's confidence in the shop.

Signaling encouragement is a good idea. The signal can be passed on to the salesperson's own image, or it can be delivered by the salesperson voluntarily. The salesperson's meter should be just right because it communicates the style of the store to the customer. Salesperson's clothing to be neat and tidy, dignified and simple, light coordination, color harmony, the customer approved the salesperson's clothing will have confidence in the store clothing. The clerk should always smile, relieve the tension of the customer, to make it believe that the atmosphere of the store will be relaxed and happy, the clothing store will be attractive, it is worth picking into the store.

And then through the display to increase the sensory stimulation. Product display to be the most interesting style of the customer placed in the customer most notable place, according to the performance of customers entering the shop to grasp the interests of customers. In addition to the display of the products, the related decorations in the store also affect the confidence of customers entering the store. Unique accessories can help attract the attention and interests of customers, customers will also judge from this part of the store is unique taste, so the atmosphere and the store full of confidence in the desire to enter the store experience.


Sale of services: a firm customer confidence

The sale of services is the service in the sales process, it can be said that the consumer services provided in the occasion of shopping. The main contents include: Courtesy enthusiasm hospitality, providing product information, business hours, shopping convenience, provide the type of product, packaging and payment methods.

The biggest concern customers make when making the purchase decision is that the garment they choose is not suitable for themselves and will not reach the desired effect after being worn. This self-confidence barrier does not make the sales staff helpless, because the salesperson in the process of customer purchase can have its extremely important impact. To help customers a firm confidence to achieve the following:

First of all, salesperson to professional self-confidence. Only professional and confident salesperson will become the trusted expert in the eyes of customers. The confidence of sales staff is enough based on the professional. Salesperson on the clothing brand, models, prices, texture, sections of the major selling points of clothing should be clear to the chest, with the answer. Conversely, unprofessional and unscrupulous performance (such as vagueness in language) can cause customers to suspect the "expert" status of the salesperson. The salesperson's advice will be of no value. Naturally, it can not be achieved by suggesting that the customer's confidence is strengthened.

Second, salesperson should pay attention to easy hospitality. Customers do not like dealing with a strange "expert" who is taller than he is, and who has a lot of expertise in the field of apparel, because he feels that he is in a disadvantageous position and thus generates resistance. Therefore, the salesperson should know how to make statements, give appropriate advice when appropriate, and avoid the feeling of oppression.

Finally, salesperson also know how to appreciate. If the service process as a help, and customers with the selection of appropriate clothing, the decision-making process will be more harmonious and smooth. This requires salespeople know how to appreciate at the appropriate time, which is to build customer confidence in the top priority. When customers are about to make purchasing decisions but are obstructed by confidence, salespeople appreciate the importance of helping customers build confidence and overcome obstacles.


Service: Maintain customer confidence in the store

Salesperson billing, customer payment does not mean the end of the service, salesperson needs to make two efforts to maintain customer confidence in the store.

Do not neglect the service. Service refers to the seller in the consumer to buy their goods to achieve the due role of the goods, to facilitate consumers and continue to provide consumers with various services. The main content of clothing after-sales service: clothing returns, replacement, clothing cleaning, clothing maintenance, clothing use and optional clothing. Doing the after-sales service can make the customer feel that the store is located in the place for the sake of customers, sincerely for customer service, rather than to promote the transaction for the sole purpose.

"Welcome to the next visit", when customers feel sincere, very satisfied with the purchase experience, sales staff may wish to take advantage of this rare opportunity to introduce to customers in the near future the new clothing will appear in the store, welcome to its due. One reason for this is that the cost of maintaining an old customer is much lower than the cost of creating a new customer. In addition, sales staff of this introduction can arouse the expectations of customers, in the minds of customers leave a good image of innovative enterprises, to maintain customer confidence in the store.

In short, the sales process, the salesperson plays an important role, they are the bond between the customer and the store, representing the attitude of the store is the key to winning customer confidence, store managers must also pay attention to the salesperson Quality training.

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