Fei Li Jia interpretation of mature, confident urban women extraordinary charm

Fei Li Jia brand to respected "noble life" as its mission, the pursuit of personalized design style, simple and powerful lines, a wide range of color models match, deduce the white-collar beauty of the modern urban complex and rich cultural heritage, reflects the dignified, Stylish, elegant and perfect combination of interpretation of a mature, confident urban women extraordinary charm.


Fei Li Jia brand keen market awareness, accurate market positioning, and strive to create a beautiful era of urban white-collar workers, and constantly blaze new trails, has become a well-known brands in the domestic women 's.


FEILIJIA's design team is made up of outstanding local designers who are familiar with the needs of local customers, have unique ideas and have their own unique views on fashion. The target customers are located in mature and capable women between the ages of 25 and 45, She is simple, stylish, elegant, passing a comfortable, capable, elegant and healthy dressing concept.

"Jia の Qi" designed for 20 to 35-year-old urban white-collar women in the design, the pursuit of fashion, casual, sophisticated, personalized style, interpretation of urban women's self-confidence, capable of extraordinary temperament.

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