High-heeled shoes with beautiful wrong lumbar disease invisible killer

[This site - shoes and life] has been popular with women since the advent of high heels, but it brings women not only beautiful, but also potentially harmful. Heels in the heel more than 7cm naturally move the body's center of gravity, and the knees are overstressed, which puts pressure on the knee joints. More severely, the spine can be deformed. Wearing high heels can cause and aggravate the symptoms of low back pain, so high-heeled shoes are often referred to as lumbar spine killers, and patients with lumbar disc herniation should not wear heels.

Lumbar disc herniation refers to the clinical syndrome caused by the degeneration, rupture, and compression of the spring pad between the lumbar vertebrae. Most of the symptoms are low back pain, numbness, weakness, and cold limbs. And so on, occurred in 20-40 years old.

From the point of view of human mechanics, footwear is equivalent to the foundation of a building, the foundation is leaned forward, the center of gravity is sure to move forward, the curvature of the spine increases, and the reason why high-heeled shoes are called lumbar vertebrae killers is here. What needs to be reminded is that, as the heel shoes with the same adverse effects have been ignored, the hazards of heel shoes and high heels are only the differences in the amount. The height of the heel, and its ground effect, will cause the person's center of gravity to move forward. It is harmful to lumbar health. Many people replace shoes with heels with flat shoes, and the symptoms of low back pain are obviously relieved. There are also some patients with lumbar disc herniation who use negative heel shoes in their daily lives. This is also a way to relieve symptoms.

There are many treatments for lumbar disc herniation. Traditional surgical treatment is characterized by large trauma, high risk, high cost, and slow recovery. However, traditional conservative therapies can not cure the disease, and the efficacy is poor and the condition is easily repeated. Therefore, how to seek a simple, effective, safe and painless treatment has become a difficult problem for the majority of patients.

At present, many of the top three hospitals in China have opened SDS non-surgical spine decompression treatment center, and introduced a non-surgical spinal decompression system lumbar -DRX9000TM/SDS9800TM, the technology truly realizes cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, posterior facet joint Disordered intervertebral disc degenerative diseases do not require surgery, surgery, painless, non-invasive, safe and effective treatment, and effectively bring happiness to the majority of patients.

The SDS Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System was developed by Reed Exxon Medical Investment Co., Ltd. (Ryde Medical) in cooperation with NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense (USDD). After several years of painstaking research and precise demonstration, the world's first high-tech spine decompression system “Lumbar Vertebra-DRX9000TM/SDS9800TM” can simulate the complete or almost complete relaxation of back muscles in a space-free environment. The SDS non-surgical spine decompression system incorporates many high-tech achievements in bioengineering mechanics, human sports medicine, clinical orthopedics, and clinical neurophysiology to realize a unique and scientific non-operative spine decompression in vitro to develop a specialized treatment plan for patients. Perform spinal decompression treatment. SDS has brought new breakthroughs in the non-surgical treatment of lumbar disc herniation. This is a representative example of space aerospace technology providing us with a good improvement in our lives.

Lumbar Vertebra - Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System DRX9000TM/SDS9800TM is Reid Healthcare's core patented device for bulging and herniated lumbar disc herniation, intervertebral disc intervention and post-operative rehabilitation and treatment, intervertebral disc degeneration and intervertebral discs Pain prevention and treatment. The core of its technology is to use decompression between the diseased intervertebral discs to simulate the muscle conditions in space to naturally repair the intervertebral discs and surrounding tissues, thereby achieving the high efficacy, high safety, and low risk that traditional treatment methods cannot achieve.

After clinical validation, the DRX9000TM/SDS9800TM has an effective treatment rate of up to 86% and a recurrence rate of less than 4%. After treatment, no further medication or other treatment is required. Breakthrough the traditional conservative treatment can only alleviate the disease can not treat the huge limitations of the disease, to complete the innovative leap in the field of non-surgical treatment of disc herniation, in the field of disc disease treatment, provides a more economical, safe and effective treatment for the majority of patients method.

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