Nine posture 2013 summer dress to show the most authentic elegance of a woman

Beautiful dress is the second layer of gorgeous woman's skin, put on her, accompanied by elegant. The summer, it is the dress "big outbreak" moment, romantic summer, elegant and elegant skirt seems to hit every woman's heart, inadvertently shows the tenderness of women. Jiu Zi Fashion Women 2013 new summer dress, integration of many fashion elements and exquisite tailoring, showing the most authentic elegance of a woman.

玖姿 - JUZUI

Jiu Zi yellow positioning pattern dress, light chiffon and chic floral pattern combination, given the apparel brand new concept, to attract envy. Pleated front dress folds, soft delicate, shoulder and hem flower pattern echoes each other, weakening the bright yellow sense of jumping. H profile with the fabric belt, inclusive and also meet the needs of self-cultivation.

玖姿2013年夏季连衣裙 展现女人最真实的优雅气质

Jiu Zi Tie-dyed flower-type beach sandals dress, material selection of soft and transparent fabric through the chiffon, so you in the hot summer, comfortable and cool. High waist design, reflecting the tall women's body, hem with hidden flat buckle, you can shorten the skirt length as needed, travel can be worn everyday. Can be worn with beach hat, sunglasses, sun protection sweater.

玖姿2013年夏季连衣裙 展现女人最真实的优雅气质

Vivid print pattern, like a butterfly flying in the summer. Hem at the black positioning pattern design to make the whole dress light and elegant in adding a few stable, colorful journey, watermelon red gentle, elegant chiffon, sala clear, so that the journey filled with summer enthusiasm and vitality.

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