Jade industry must return to the core of cultural value

Jade industry must return to the core of cultural value “Jade is not an ordinary commodity. To create a “jade industry”, culture is the leader.” At the recently concluded Yangzhou Cultural Industry Forum in Yangzhou, experts from the national jade industry expressed their views on the status of the jade industry from the top to the bottom.

After the Beijing Olympics, because jade materials were hype, the price of jade has risen for three consecutive years. After last year's low tide of speculation, the market went badly. “We can no longer rely on the old road of raw material speculation!” said Hua Ping, a member of the Chinese Jewelery Appraisal Evaluation Committee. For consumers, buying jade is not just about buying a piece of jade material, but also the subject matter and design idea of ​​jade processing. And the added value of the quality of the carving work, and these cultural factors are the core elements that form the handed down value and added value.

Li Weihan, vice president of the Jade Culture Committee of the Chinese Arts and Crafts Association, believes that over the past few years, jade ware companies have focused too much on the scarcity value of raw materials. Consumers only agree with the quality of jade and cannot identify the value of jade culture. Buying jade has become a low-level raw material hoarding. “From the perspective of value-added, because there are speculations, there is a huge risk of waiting for value-added through hoarding of raw materials. And because Jade Eagle is indispensable for personalized culture and art, it is like antiques, and the value-added foundation is more reliable.”

“The return of the jade industry to the core of cultural values ​​requires attention to talent.” Qian Zhenfeng, vice president of the Shanghai Baoyu Stone Industry Association, frankly stated that the main thrust of the development of the jade industry in the past few years has come from businessmen who rely on raw materials for hoarding to earn profits while jade carving talents The value has been weakened. In the 1970s and 1980s, more than 90% of the masters of jade carving in Shanghai were from Yangzhou. On the day of the forum, it coincided with the largest production and sales base for jade products in East China, which opened in Bayou Town, Yangzhou. Qian Zhenfeng believes that the jade market is not a place to build up a jade material, but to form a highland suitable for jade carving talent creation.

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