Summer dazzling dress you need to add bright colors

Yellow is the most luminous color of any hue, so yellow clothing is also the brightest. Vivid yellow with blue, pink, pink, white, black; the quarter of the yellow to join more brand DNA design elements, fully express the cool feeling of modern fashion.

卡布依 - KABUYI

Models Show. Model Show:

MODEL shirt: 4510

MODEL pants: 4515

Three-dimensional silhouette Accurate cutting process highlights the high-profile taste, wide-legged version of loose simple elegant dazzling stripes bloom

夏季亮眼装扮  你需要增添明亮的色彩

MODEL shirt: 4512
MODEL pants: 4511

The unique unobtrusive printing exquisite cutting design, coupled with ingenious pleating adds a bit delicate and charming, pants loose casual classic and unique combination

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