Jade fish and dragons are mixed and difficult to distinguish between true and false

Do you know the knowledge of jade? Sometimes I think that I bought a baby very affordable. I don’t know if I bought a fake. It’s a small thing. It’s terrible that the fake jade worn on my body is likely to be a highly carcinogenic long-term release of toxins and radioactive elements. Chemical product. To this end, a related investigation was carried out -

I accidentally bought a fake

Recently, Xiao Sun and his family went to Yunnan to visit a beautiful high-end jade pendant in a local jewelry store. The jade is green and transparent, and the color is very good. The price is 100,000 yuan. After some bargaining, I will buy it at 35,000 yuan! At that time, Xiao Sun was very excited. He thought that he had a "big money" and returned home to show off to his family. Husband felt that jade was not very reliable. When the jewelry inspection agency detected it, it was learned that it was made by hand. Xiao Sun bought it as a fake, and the actual value was only four or five hundred yuan.

At the end of last year, Xiaoyi bought a jade jade bracelet in a shop. After wearing it for two days, she didn’t feel any problem. From the third day, she felt very dizzy and had a headache. It had been hurt for three days, after a few days. I didn't wear a jade bracelet, and the result was not dizzy, it didn't hurt. "Is it really like that sentence, people have raised jade for three years, Yu Yang people, must first raise her for 3 years, that is, use her body yang to raise her for 3 years?" So Xiaoyi insisted on wearing, However, within a few days, the wrist suddenly became very itchy, and a lot of small red packets came out. When I went to the hospital, I was diagnosed with allergic dermatitis. The doctor said that it was caused by wearing jade bracelets.

The situation encountered by Xiao Yi and Xiao Sun is not a special case. In April of this year, Ms. Wang optimistic about a jade bracelet worth 2,390 yuan in Taobao. The store said that the material of the jade bracelet is a white one in Xinjiang Kunlun. It is undergoing limited-time special sales. See the information of this product and it has been purchased by more than 500 customers. And the rave reviews, Ms. Wang then spent 289 yuan to buy this bracelet. A few days later, the bracelet arrived, the color looks very good, warm like a sheep fat. A friend who knows jade articles takes her jade bracelet and looks at it. I think this jade bracelet is very good. If it is really Kunlun jade, the price can't be so cheap. So Ms. Wang sent the jade bracelet to the jewellery and jade identification center for inspection. Sure enough, the jade bracelet was actually made of glass of several dollars. The appraisers also said that the methods of counterfeiters are very high, and it is difficult for ordinary people to see that they are fakes.

Recently, some netizens posted a set of fake jade jade bracelets, including corrosion, coloring and glue injection. The jadeite and the real jadeite are similar in appearance. I would like to ask the expert Wang Lao, who has many years of experience in collecting jade articles, to learn that the production process of fake jade is indeed like this. Such “Jade” is generally sold on the stalls, and the price is about several hundred yuan.

Mixed fish and dragons make it difficult to distinguish between true and false

Recently, I visited some of the gold jade market in Shencheng and found that there is a mixture of fish and dragons. It is difficult to distinguish between true and false: the price of jadeite is found to be at least a few thousand yuan, and the jadeite product of three or five thousand yuan is only the "medium goods" in the sales staff. Two or three hundred thousand jade products are not uncommon, and some products with collectible value are marked with a million yuan price.

“Our products are all 'A goods', and all the counters are 20% off.” In front of a jewelry counter in a chain store, the sales staff enthusiastically introduced, estimated, according to the labels on these jade products. After the price hit 20% off, it is also ranging from 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. In front of another well-known jade brand counter, it was found that the price of a mountain-sized pendant was 270,000 yuan, and the price of a bracelet was 156,000 yuan. In a few jade stores in Zhongjie, the price here is a little cheaper than that in the mall, but the tens of thousands of yuan is also everywhere.

In the antique city, it is found that the jade jewelry sold in the shop generally does not have any labeling, and there is no description of the quality of the product, quality, quality level, etc., and the product inspection certificate and product standard number are not marked; Such as "fish stone jade bracelet", "red green stone bracelet", "Yunnan jade" and other non-standard names; some are not standardized, there are irregular names such as "Burma jade jade", "Myanmar jade A goods" .

The relevant person in charge of the industrial and commercial department said that according to the information of the industrial and commercial departments, some of the distribution centers that mainly operate wholesale jade jewelry can be said to be mixed, and the ABC goods are competing in the same place. Gold and silver jewellery and jade jade jewelry labels are not clearly indicated to consumers according to the prescribed contents; gold and silver jewellery and jade jade jewelry with higher value do not have the identification certificate issued by the statutory inspection agency; intentionally increase the original price of gold and silver jewellery and jade jade jewelry, In the name of discount discounts, consumers are deceived; there are also low-grade diamonds posing as high-grade diamonds, and artificial treatment of jade as a natural jade phenomenon is common; some people even forge jewellery and jade identification certificates, use Jade B goods C to impersonate A goods, use A jewellery jade pretends to be another kind of jewellery and jade that is similar in appearance to its appearance, or deceives consumers by synthesizing jewellery and jade as a kind of natural jewellery and jade. This is very unfair to the business operators who are truly law-abiding and operate, and it is urgent to standardize and rectify. In particular, some high-end consumer places have become a place for counterfeit jade sales, and also a high-risk area where consumers are deceived. Some unscrupulous merchants sell the jade jewelry that has been pickled or dyed, and pretend to be the unprocessed natural A-car jade. Even some high-priced jadeites are actually treated quartzite. Therefore, the above-mentioned problems have become the most important complaints of consumers, and the key inspections of industrial and commercial, quality supervision and other institutions.

In this regard, the industry and commerce department specifically reminds consumers to choose large-scale shopping malls with good reputation when purchasing gold, jade and other jewelry products. Consumers should not hope that the market, tourist attractions, mobile trade fairs, online stores can “low price”, large Shopping malls and brand stores are more reliable. According to the specific types of products to be purchased, carefully understand the relevant information of the products in advance. Carefully check the inlay condition of the jewellery and jade. If there is looseness, the seller should be required to re-strengthen in time to avoid falling off. Can not only look at prices, discounts, depends on quality. The high standard and low folding of the jade market is serious. Since jewellery and jade are priced according to their own quality, you must not only look at the price when buying, but also pay attention to product quality. Be sure to pay attention to see the identification certificate, and pay attention to whether the identification institution that issued the identification certificate has the qualification for identification. In addition, a Chinese invoice is requested after purchase. For some unscrupulous jewelers to use the plausible English shorthand letters to sub-charge the phenomenon, consumers should ask for invoices written in Chinese. Try to write the contents indicated on the jewelry label to the invoice. If you have any questions, you can complain to the consumer association, industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments.

Net posts reveal the birth process of "false jade"

In the Han Dynasty, Xu Shen explained the jade in Shuo Wen Jie Zi: "Jade, the beauty of stone." This annotation scientifically elaborated "Jade" from two aspects: material (stone) and art (beauty). The concept of the word can be seen from the aesthetic value of jade since ancient times.

While jadeite is favored, it also raises some criticisms. Recently, in a well-known forum, netizens "Annoying Birds" posted a whole process of "bad" into a jadeite by unscrupulous traders, which also re-examined the "cheap jade" sold by roadside vendors in memory. The title of the post says "There is a picture of the truth", which is really shocking.

In the original post, netizens provided the production process of “Fake Baoyu”: found a pile of stone without water, no bottom, no color, soaked stone with strong acid and chemicals containing a lot of radioactive elements for half a month, from the picture Look, after the chemical washing, the color of the stone material is obviously brightened. Then, the stone washed at the bottom is artificially colored, and then enters the vacuum high-pressure glue injection machine, and the glue is again injected with highly toxic chemicals. After a few days, the semi-finished product is finished. After the release, the original wool has already been colored, and then processed slightly. Such goods will generally cost 70,000 to 80,000 in the market, as long as the buyer counters the seller and sells it!

It is noted that the "angry bird" not only publicized the process of making fake jade, but also reminded consumers that fake jade is a highly carcinogenic chemical "baby" that will release toxins and radioactive elements for a long time. Is this statement credible, is it alarmist? In this regard, the relevant information was queried.

Wang Chunsheng, a senior engineer of the National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said in an interview with the media that jade is generally divided into three kinds of goods: A, B and C. A goods refers to jade of original stone color, which is a jade that is not chemically treated. high. B goods are chemically bleached and refilled with resin, which is cheaper. C goods are poor in color. When heated to 110 degrees Celsius, they are soaked in a chromium salt solution for one or two days, so that the chromium salt penetrates into the crack of the jade material to achieve the dyeing effect. At the beginning, it will be crystal clear and will fade after one or two years. This jade is cheap and good, but it has no collection value. Nowadays, the B+C goods are more common in the market, and they are processed by the simultaneous combination of B goods and C goods.

Wang Chunsheng said that A cargo is natural jade, its constituent elements are relatively fixed, generally harmless to the human body; the resin in B cargo does not encounter external force, generally does not have much harm; B+C or C cargo dyes its acid The solution may be harmful to the skin after fading, because some merchants may use strong acid such as hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid to imitate the old color of jade, and then apply a layer of floor paint on the surface of fake jade. , crystal paint or epoxy resin.

Resin substances together with strong acids may cause irritation. Contact dermatitis may occur after contact with human body, and symptoms such as redness, tingling, itching and peeling may occur. People with more sensitive skin are most likely to have symptoms. Therefore, Wang Chunsheng suggested that for health and safety, it is best to wear natural jade without chemical treatment.

Identify true and false treasures

“The jade industry is too deep in water, unlike gold and diamonds. I don’t know how to buy the market. The price of gold is basically transparent. The diamond rank is the same all over the world, but the jade is not only true and false, but also three or six. Nine, etc., it’s not easy for the average person to see what’s coming,” said Ms. Zhou, a customer who had been in front of a jade counter for a long time.

Not only is it difficult for customers to distinguish the quality of jadeite, but in the interview, many counter staff did not understand the jade industry. When asking questions about the place of origin, level, etc., often get a reply that is “not very clear”.

Since wearing chemically treated natural jade has such a great harm to the body, how can consumers identify true and false jade?

Mr. Wang Lao, a collection expert, said that there are generally three cases of so-called fake jade. One is to fill it up, this will not affect people's health. The other is that other ores are filled with jade. The ore may contain harmful substances or even destroy. The human body's magnetic field, long-term wear will have adverse effects on the human body; the third is jade that is dyed or laser-forged, which will radiate to the human body.

Therefore, based on his many years of experience, Mr. Wang has summed up several methods for identifying Baoyu:

The tapping method is to hit the jade bracelet with a hard object to listen to the sound of the jade bracelet. The consumer can use a string to hang the jade bracelet to be tested and then knock it with another bracelet. If the sound of "叮叮" is relatively crisp, and the continuation sound is longer, it means that it is A goods, that is, natural jade.

Looking at the structure is to look at the jade with the naked eye. One is to look at the texture of jade. The better the quality of jade, the light texture can be seen under the light, this is the growth pattern of jade, although this affects the appearance, it is the witness of the growth of jade.

The most important point is that you must look at the certificate of authentication so that you can buy the A goods.

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