The efficacy and role of natural lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a rare gems, and the blue lapis lazuli artifacts are often very precious. Argentina is the main producer of lapis lazuli, but now the Argentine government has closed its three major producing areas, and strictly restricts the exit of lapis lazuli. Therefore, the lapis lazuli raw materials are very rare, and the collection market lapis lazuli is also very rare. The reason why lapis lazuli is so popular is because it is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It has many functions and powerful functions.


Let me introduce the effect of lapis lazuli:

First, physiological effects and effects

1. When using excessive eyes, you can use lapis lazuli to relieve eye pressure and eliminate fatigue. Close your eyes and lie flat, put the lapis lazuli on the eyeball, with the slow and deep breathing, and see the blue ochre light penetrating the eyeball, you can easily eliminate eye fatigue and protect your eyesight.

2, lapis lazuli corresponds to the human eyebrows, helping to treat insomnia, dizziness, headache and lower blood pressure, soothing mood, nervousness, and coordination of the throat, can improve the disease of the trachea, throat and respiratory tract.

Second, psychological effects and effects

1. Lapis lazuli can help hypnosis and deep meditation, enhance people's observation and insight, and enhance spirituality.

2, lapis lazuli can help people to eliminate anger, mediate conflicts, bring good quality such as honesty, compassion, integrity, so that people realize the importance of actively listening to others' opinions and become the bond of love and friendship.

3, lapis lazuli can help people treat the trauma of the soul, and the elimination of emotional bondage on a large component, the soul of the people is comforted.

4. When driving, wearing lapis lazuli can eliminate the irritability caused by traffic chaos and ensure safe driving. It can also resolve suffocation and heal the wounds of people's minds, so that people can calm down in daily interactions, not be angry, and express communication more smoothly.

Third, spiritual effects and effects

1. The lapis lazuli belongs to one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. The lapis lazuli color is the body color of the Tibetan medicinal medicinal Buddha. It is often worn to protect the health and well-being.

2, holding the lapis lazuli ball to sit still, help to make the consciousness clear, the awareness is sharp, not to fall into a dim, and to strengthen the sixth sense and the ability to communicate.

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