Mia Xiya women's fashion store in Fujian Longyan grand opening

Warmly celebrate the Mia Ya women reopen new store - Longyan Fujian grand opening, bright lights, simple decoration, fashion clothing, caring service, will let you reap the revel shopping experience. Summer is coming and quickly go to Mousya women's clothing store to buy new clothes.

Brand consumer group positioning

18 - 38 years old, of which the main consumer groups 20-30 years old, suitable for the pursuit of fashion, sweet, elegant, simple, natural, tasteful fashion city trend of women.


Brand price positioning

Fashion discount positioning, top image, first-class models, third-rate prices, the main price with:
Spring and summer: 199 yuan -699 yuan main price: 299 yuan -499 yuan autumn and winter: 299 yuan -1599 yuan main price: 499 yuan -799 yuan.

MISIA MISSTHEA product design implies the "fashion personality, fashion sweet, stylish luxury," the three major series.

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