Fresh pink blue single mint green with how to look good?

A classic Tiffany blue first, so fresh pink and mint green single product can give people a different temperament. It is candy color is mint green mint color is particularly sought-after in each season, but not so easy to wear out of grade! In the proportion of color also need to have a little skill Oh!

芘筃 - BEIN

Pyrene 2014 spring and summer series

Mint green knit shirt, with the retro lacy lace lapel, showing the ladylike temperament. With a white skirt, the color in a similar color to show a fresh feeling. Embellishment of the bow makes the overall mix further reflect the sweet blue powder brought the feeling.

清新的粉蓝色单品 薄荷绿的怎么搭配才好看?

Pyrene 2014 spring and summer series

Mint green dress is the most obvious temperament models, green look fresh, like cold beauty recruit people love and pity. In the choice of brightly colored clothing through to minimize the body color accessories, so that the overall color unity and harmony. White skirts and cuffs decorated with some white lines will be very delicate sense.

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