Hip wider girls suitable for what type of skirt to wear more thin

Summer dress was thin it? Summer is suitable for what kind of skirt style, not all skirts are suitable for you, looking for their own suitable skirt style, a ladies' dress to teach you how to choose the summer for your skirt, hip wide girls wear what kind of dress is appropriate ?


If you are a relatively wide buttocks girl, then do not wear self-cultivation pants Oh, can not wear package hip skirts, this A-line skirt style self-cultivation upper body, the hem is relatively loose puffed version of the body was very significant, buttocks more This section of the girl this dress is definitely for you.

臀部比较宽的女生适合穿什么裙子 什么款式比较显瘦

If you do not need such a relaxed dress style, then look at this fluorescent green dress style bar, self-cultivation design, small size on the next big version of the buttocks will not be very fat, chest or perspective Effect, was thin and stylish version, figure shows.

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