How to wear a spring-summer men's wear men's summer dress with

The most suitable suit this season was a light suit, clean and fresh, simple fashion. Therefore, take the choice of the inside, but also must choose light-colored, in order to ensure the overall effect. If you feel the overall feeling is too erratic, frivolous, you can choose partial dark ornaments or bags to balance. The complexity of the print on the clothing is both compelling and eye-catching. Therefore, when wearing printed clothing, should follow the rules of simplified and contrasted, in order to ensure the best results. Suit shorts have both the fine cut tailor pants and the perfect outline, but also has its own unique sense of liveliness, just feel free to add a suit is very eye-catching. If you feel too formal, serious, it is recommended to pick a casual section of the coat. The workplace a color to wear - the color choice of workplace wear generally black and white gray, Indigo (including blue) is also a more suitable choice to give a solemn sense of calm. The color is suit and shirt suit, while the choice of tie and shoes can be the same color, you can also take a similar or slightly larger color. Black and white with the classic is never outdated, it is like a classic old song more timeless, though not always topped the list, but always be crooned. Occasionally wear a simple black and white, looking for a unique quiet, but also a good choice.

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