Chun household service to create a new furniture life

Chun degree , to create "a new home life" (NEWHOMELIFE), indicate their position with the quality and creativity, adhering to the slow lifestyle currently popular in Europe but has just started in China, combined with a new resolve network era house culture, source Since the perception of quality of life, with pure natural fabrics, with pure and elegant tranquil tones, with simple and stylish design, interpretation of the women can wear outfit home casual understanding, with your taste of life landscape, feel elegant and refined one day.

淳度 - QUEEN’D

Chun enjoy fashion, read popular culture, more proficient in mining personality, with artistic expression design, taste at the details of the Department, specializing in fashion wear wear clothing, advocating simplicity, refused to publicity, but more insular mediocre, simple cut , Give the body full freedom, pure color, to create a natural temperament.

淳度家居服 打造新家具生活

Chun-up adhere to the quality, pay attention to the sense of quality and sense of value fabrics, always adhere to sophisticated materials, emphasizing the combination of environmental protection, health and comfort to provide the best wear to enjoy. Bold cross-border, adhering to the current popular in Europe and the United States while in China has just started a slow life style, combined with the Internet era of home culture new analysis, not just home service, but also a new home lifestyle guide.

Siro spinning is two rovings are fed to drafting at the same time & twisted together as a double yarn.

Benefits of Siro Compact Spun:

Low hairiness, low thin and thick neps, smooth & good abrasion resistance, good wear resistance, 

better fiber orientations, fewer joints, fewer variations in the uniformity in the yarn.

Siro Compact Spun

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