34-year-old baby how summer with more cute and beautiful?

In the eyes of Xiaobian, three or four year-old baby is definitely the most lovely, long and beautiful and beep, looking at people just want to pinch a look, if there is another dress Mommy , It is absolutely a girl Meng Meng ah! Then the problem has come, encounter mom how to do it? Do not worry, today Xiaobian come mummy for you to teach you how to dress three or four year old baby! Lemon yellow fresh and natural eyesight steal the spotlight, adding a touch of printing element added a bit cute taste, comfortable and healthy cotton fabric to wear, better care of baby's delicate skin, with brown shorts to wear, cute and stylish beautiful, small Looked all good to want to give birth to a baby, and then dressed for him ~ If your home is a baby twins, then try on the map with it! Small girls choose white stitching printing dress, cute and sweet ladies, boys choose a printed shirt with a white short paragraph, and then add a blue vest jacket, handsome and cute, and the same printing elements are a little more warm The taste is definitely worth a try oh! If it is a little girl, of course, to give her beautiful and lovely dress, the figure on this dress fresh and lovely, clean and elegant white with fresh light green printing, cute and delicate doll collar and flying Sleeve design is set off a lovely side of the little girl, so Meng baby Xiaobian really want to hug home! (Photo source: Abbott children's clothing)

Camel Yarn

Camel is also a kind of precious natural fibre. Camel hair, animal fibre obtained from the camel and belonging to the group called specialty hair fibres. The most satisfactory textile fibre is gathered from camels of the Bactrian type. Such camels have protective outer coats of coarse fibre that may grow as long as 15 inches (40 cm). The fine, shorter fibre of the insulating undercoat, 1.5–5 inches (4–13 cm) long, is the product generally called camel hair, or camel hair wool.

camel yarn strength is similar to that of wool having a similar diameter but is less than that of mohair. Fabric made of camel hair has excellent insulating properties and is warm and comfortable. Camel hair is mainly used for high-grade overcoat fabrics and is also made into knitting camel hair yarn, knitwear, blankets, and rugs.

Consinee has promoted camel hair yarn according customer` s request. Now we have below camel hair yarn available and can develop new product by customer`s need.

2/26 100% baby camel yarn,

2/14 100% baby camel yarn,

2/48 50%wool 50% baby camel (semi worsted) yarn.

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