Real version of "Fashionish Devil" Su Hong as ASOBIO fashion buyer, determined to take the goddess

The first star star cross-border fashion reality show “Goddess of the New Clothes” will be broadcast on Dragon TV at 21:15 on August 23rd. ASOBIO will join the program as a brand auction member. ASOBIO will appear as a brand buyer. , assess whether the works designed by each participating star and designer have brand commercial value, and buy on-site bidding. ASOBIO selected professional buyers from the professional, fashion, and brand same tone latitude, and eventually invited the famous fashion media person Su Hong as the ASOBIO fashion consultant buyer.

Su Hong will be sitting on behalf of ASOBIO to buy a seat, determine the 6 sets of female stars and designers in the design of clothes within 24 hours whether the ASOBIO fashion standards, is it worth the heavy bid? Every time ASOBIO shoots and buys stars and designers' designs, they will be ready for production. After watching the show, viewers can quickly purchase celebrity designs through the Internet and experience the fashion at your fingertips.

Become acquainted with ASOBIO fashion dream, "Madame" buy design do not buy star account

Speaking of the reasons for being an ASOBIO, Su Hong's self-confidence was due to coincide with the concept of fashion. In the fast-paced life today, the frequency of dress replacement is more frequent, which indicates that different social occasions have increased pressure on how to dress fashion and wear fashion. However, Su Hong believes that "fashion should be simple and happy, a form of clothing to take advantage of, apply to work, the same applies to the evening party." This coincides with the "Fashion is easy" concept advocated by ASOBIO. If the identity of the publisher before Su Hong was to create a fashion dream through magazines, then as a brand fashion buyer, representing ASOBIO to participate in the "Goddess of the New Clothes" is the realization of Su Hong's future fashion dream. Same as ASOBIO with a sense of fashion, Su Hung hopes that through the more pro-people-friendly form of TV programs, every fashion enthusiast will feel that “fashion is not far away and fashion is around”.

With respect to auction stars and designs, Su Hong admits that he will pay more attention to the styles conforming to ASOBIO's design concept and will “return fashion from the altar back to real life”. When people walk into ASOBIO's shops across the country, they can find rapid collocation solutions among the three sub-brands of Collection (Fashion Fashion), White (Classic Fashion) and Hip (Young Fashion). Fashion is easy”

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