Women's clothing store name how to get what kind of attraction attractive

If you want to find a franchise brand, you have to look at the name first, but the name of the clothing store is very important. Let the love woman teach you what kind of store name will be attractive. Good business will naturally billow, look at the store name into the store purchase skills.

" Rang-Ai (Love)" Do you think this brand name how, you will not remember at a glance? Let the name of love can be free to play, so you have love, let a woman fall in love, love can have a lot of explanation, simple and clear two words also make people remember.

女装店店名怎么取才吸引人 什么样的店名吸引人

Women's brand to join should also join such a brand, easy to understand, novel style, not only can increase the rate into the store, style is also a factor to promote pay, so love ladies noble, elegant, intellectual, generous design concept, so simple and smooth Unusual lines piercing the visual effects.

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